Bucks v Cob (Costa Rica v Serbia) - ITV 13.00

Whether you are supping a nice costa rican coffee blend, or passing out after knocking back some rakija, this game has something for everyone… doesn’t it?

Saint to watch - Dooshan Tadditch


I have a passing interest in Costa Rica due to getting them in the first work’s sweepstake.

Both sides lacking quality so far.

Susan quite prominent in the opening 40 mins

Hope the 2nd half is better than the first.

Think my expectations were set too high after the Spain / Portugal game tbf

Goal - Kolarov

Lovely free kick that

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Belter of a goal, that.

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Susan being subbed- looks like Serbia are going to defend their 1 goal lead.


Blimey thought that was was never going to end. Not sure VAR is adding much to the occasion

Congrats to Cob / Serbia. Not the best but deserved it

Thanks - Magnanimous in defeat @bucks

You’re right, It wasn’t a great game.

Thought Susan did well- didn’t fall over like a pole axed cow too much looking for free kicks - he now just needs to pull his finger out for us next season.

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That’s better