:brightonfc: Brighton Pre-match Beers

I’m starting this as I will probably be roaming around the Mighty Metrollips pre-match without a chaperone on Monday evening. Is there a planned wateringhole?

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At a guess, the Rockstone. As it so happens, I’ve got a day off on Monday, so I won’t be needing to dash back from Farnborough as I normally would. So I’ll be able to enjoy a couple of leisurely pints instead of a rushed single pint.

One thing you should be aware of is that Bletch will be in attendance, so best prepare your eyes for the toxic shock that his shirt is likely to induce.


I have a strong stomach…I was brought up on a council estate where the usual hand-me-downs were recycled from Paisley Print curtains.

Bletch would reject paisley as too straight.


I’m up for the rockstone by the way. Currently in a field near Lymington preparing for my first drink in 2 weeks. I thought it best to get away from the crowds before embarking on my catch up session.


Not on a school night @lifeintheslowlane, no way of making it back to the hinterlands in a sensible hour from SMS. @SimplySaint and I will be with you all in spirit. :v:


Bookshop before. Guide Dog after.

Is that pre-empting you poking your eyes out because the game is likely to be shite?

I will be in the Rockstone pre-match, though at what time is anyone’s guess.

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Also, the RallyBoy once of this parish will likely be in attendance as he wants to pick the IT side of my brain. And as the pissed-and-annoying-whilst-watching-football side of my brain will be in the Rockstone, then that’s where @Rallyboy will have to be.

Will you be doing a few numbers before going to the match??



Last minute trip back to UK to use or lose some leave means instead of being in Barasti I’ll be in T1 DXB Intl Sports Bar just in time for KO, and hopefully the Departure Call will come after the final whistle!!

Right Said Fred made it


Right Said Fred’s dads surely


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Good fucking grief.


Hey @Rallyboy do you know if that woman ever got to see her mum in Bournemouth hospital?

@saintbletch saw her later and gave her your address, he said she could crash there if she couldn’t get enough to get the train!