:pl: :brightonfc: Brighton & Hove Albion v Saints :saints:

:brightonfc: v :saints:

Sunday KO but not even on the telly box, thank heavens for small mercies.

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  • We will lose this cos we are shit © @CB-Saint
  • We will win this because we have nothing to play for © @PhilippineSaint
  • :saints: to win
  • :saints: to lose
  • bore draw

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We will lose this cos we are shit

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We will win this because we have nothing to play for.

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Does anyone give a toss?

No and I’m going.




As its Brighton

Fixed the fix


You fool!

Who really cares now? Can we not just forfeit and give them a 3 nil win and done with it?


Nice pub in Lewes. They had Sky in 2019. Might be tempted to stay and watch a better game.


Siem Riep v Phnomh Penh would be an improvement on watching us

Can we PLEASE give the PL2/Academy Kids some Premier League minutes.
Fvck the “progress / lessons / marching on” shit bollox

Might as well fuck their confidence as well so the entire club is starting from the same base next season


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Sutton Squeaks.

At least we will not have to suffer these comments next season.

Brighton v Southampton (14:00 BST)

Southampton are already down and I don’t see them going toe to toe with Brighton - they will try to disrupt the Seagulls rather than try to attack them.

It is all about what happens next at Saints now, whether Ruben Selles is going to be in charge next season and if they can keep the likes of James Ward-Prowse.

Their whole transfer model will have to change too. They have been buying talented but raw young players and developing them in the Premier League but that has gone out of the window. They won’t be able to attract the best young players when they are in the Championship.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-0

Anna’s prediction: 2-1

Jenny’s prediction: 2-1

First pint going down at11.10am in Lewes. Starting as I mean to go on, it’s Jaipur.:exploding_head:


Numbness helps

Indifference is better

Memory loss should be your objective

Just seen the team. No fucking forwards. If only I didn’t have to hand out tickets I would stay drinking Burning Sky Springtime and fuck em.

Tino on the bench :+1: as are Doyle and Ballard :+1::+1:

Also a return to false nines. Yay.