Brighton gets the I360 tower

we get a possible upgrade of the Bargate shopping centre…

Looks like a giant dropped a nail.

We also have Watermark Baz…

I have one of them on my coffee table.

£70 Million? What are they building, a few flats and a couple of sheds? Over £900 Million was thrown at Liverpool One and that was years ago, they need to build big and something majestic, a statue 1893ft high of the titanic (why do we cling onto this notion that it was our ship? The thing sank anyway so maybe relevant to Southampton as a City centre) or Chris Packham.

The last thing we need in Southampton is another massive phallus. We have enough already thank you

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It needs something, they say they are opening up the waterfront but we’ll see in time, it needs a talking point, it really is the most soulless boring large City on the South Coast.

Phew, for a moment I thought this was another ‘look how fucking shit Southampton is’ thread.


We don’t…the rest of the world is obsessed with a piece of poorly build tin…this city remembers 550 lost Sotonians. If you go to Sea City Museum that’s the strongest message sent out to shallow shits who are simply interested in the fixtures and fittings.

Without the Titanic would the Sea City Museum have been built? I doubt it and no I haven’t been there but if it is a modern day cenotaph well why didn’t they build a second memorial?

The irony of City City Musuem is not lost as the waterfront is closed off to the public in the main, its exclusive.

I was hoping this would come back.

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The angle of his left hand always cracks me up, nearly as much as his wrist.

That fellow doing that must have been using Walter Whites product.

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