:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


It would worry me if you did…


Do you think your debating style is respected by others, or invites others to participate, or do you suspect, as I do, they’ll just see someone with a personal vendetta screaming ineffectively?


Take a look in the fucking mirror… I KNOW that this puts folk off… but I also know its not just me… you seem unable to recognise anything in yourself that you seem very happy and comfortable slinging at others…

… you are so transparent, the moment you lose momentum, you try and manipulate itty making assumptions about others - all i have plenty of PMs form many members all saying you post like cunt, if that helps?


I’m not really interested in your PMs, @Map-Of-Tasmania, real or imagined.


Oh they are very real, plenty of folk in here think you post like a twat, but it’s irelevent… what is more important is that you don’t seem to notice…


If they’re irrelevant, why are you using them as unverified backup?

Seriously mate, I’d expect this from a teenage girl on a tumblr group.

If your cohort of little pals exists, e.g., those that would go behind my back to slag me off via PM to you of all people, I’m really not arsed. They can’t be that smart or brave.

Teenage girls on tumblr groups are braver.


It’s fuck all to do with being ‘brave’ (are you fucking serious? This is a small web forum of little relevance to real life FFS) just folks providing an opinion that avoids causing further disruption… not everyone is as comfortable with you and your bullying fuckwittedness.

As I said, go spend some quality time with your family instead of excessive time trying to suck off Your forum idols … I bet you beg Turkish for a reach around…


PS. I’ll let you have the last word as I AM going to spend quality time with my family


I’d advise just fucking off from the thread until you’ve something Brexit related to share. It’ll improve the thread and make you look a bit more reasonable in your exchanges.


So anyone with a different opinion from you should just “fuck off from the thread”? Not a good look Pap. You should be ashamed of yourself to be honest.


I’m the one who should be ashamed, eh?

The one who has spent the past couple of days getting called a cunt, a narcissist and an absent father. And suffering most of it with a smile?

And I should be ashamed because of what? That I point out that doing all of the above isn’t really conducive to a proper debate on Brexit? That @Map-Of-Tasmania should probably fuck off from the Brexit thread because he’s now at the point where he’s dragging unspecified silent support onto his side of the argument.

I’m not ashamed of that, @Nottarf-Krap, and I can’t imagine for a second you’d have put up with half of it.


Haha - typical of you, now getting the fucking violin out in a desperate attempt to play an emotional card… I never inferred this, merely suggest that you seem to spend too much fucking time on here getting all worked up when some quality time with family might be more fun…

Got me there though and its fucking true

And I am doing this on my own… I think your 15 or so posts have contributed, no?

Not at all. You have stated on several occasions that I am 'alone destroying this thread, and that you and your drinking mates all think its all me and my ‘debating style’ … I reluctantly mentioned that this is not actually a fact, that there are (at last count 7) posters who have agreed that you are posting like a cunt…

As I mentioned, its only you I seem to have an issue with… I dont agree with many other posters, but it has not become like this…

…There is no ‘personal vendetta’ - that is some sort of figment of your imagination… you just dont like it when someone disagrees and cant be bullied into submission by you telling them that all your forum drinking mates will hate them… or that Turkish will come out to play and troll them until they cry… :rofl::rofl:


Like I said, fuck off until you’ve something Brexit related to offer.

For all your complaints, you’d have been turfed off of any other Saints site yonks ago. Do you honestly think Steve Grant would put up with this?



This follows noise from the EU that if May’s deal fails, the European Union will renegotiate.

Which rather makes a mockery of Jean Claude Juncker’s claim that what was offered was the best deal possible.


Haha, Go ban me then if you like. Granty would put up with any shit as long as you pay your £5… trolling is ignored and encouraged by cunts like you… You push it as far as you can, then cry about it when someone pushes back… you are a typical ‘modern’ social media obsessed whore, pissing shite on Twitter in the belief anyone actually gives a fuck about what you have to say, setting up a forum so that you ca ‘own’ it and dictate opinion and drive anyone away who disagrees with you. Fill your fucking boots Pap ( but please change your avatar, Pingu is funny but to have it molested by you is a fucking sacrilege)…


I’m not banning anyone. The whole forum would benefit if you were brave enough to argue on the beef thread.

We actually had a new contributor to the debate today. We might get more if you constrain all of your personal abuse to the place where that sort of thing is encouraged.


Reading back through this thread a little way, the (current, repeated and continuing)argument started around the notion of supply and demand after I posted something about rising wages. That was over a day ago. An issue which I know you two don’t see eye to eye on. Fair enough.
But come on. That was a day ago and since then the pair of you have just been trading insults. It is fucking dull.
Take it to the beef thread or ignore each other. Give everyone else a chance to call each other cunts.


Oh do take your reasonableness somewhere else, you Paptrooper


I agree with @Goatboy’s suggestion. I think I’ve more than demonstrated that people can write whatever the fuck they like, which includes insulting me as roundly as has happened today.

That is why the Beef Thread exists. Until now, we’ve tolerated these massive beefs in other places but I genuinely don’t think it’s good to have them everywhere. @Map-Of-Tasmania - abuse away, but do it there please.