:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Moving swiftly back onto topic.

Just fuck off Macron.


Macron is in deeper shit than May so I wouldn’t worry too much about him.


Which makes his comments even more ridiculous, and the protest of Remain even more dangerous. He could be heading the last French moderate government.




@Nottarf-Krap you seem to be correct with your last post on the tories in trouble thread.
@Map-Of-Tasmania this must make you happy?
@pap do you think McDonnell should be saying this?
Why, when i enter @chertsey-Saint, nothing comes up? Anyway Cherts, if you read this, would you now vote Labour, if this was guaranteed?
Labour could seize option of second Brexit vote, says McDonnell


I guess he realises that if there is no deal and if he gets the keys to No 11, he will have less money to play with and be subject to serious scrutiny under Labour’s proposed spending plans?


Yeah, not a job you’d want to get at last, then not be able to implement any of your plans.
How do you view what he says and the timing? My initial thought was, he’s recognised a chance to grab votes, but i’m not sure how that plays out in the Labour heartlands.


Good question. I agree with you in the main. Labour’s position on brexit so far has been somewhat ambivalent, but this seems to be a little more concentrated on what Labour could push for. I think he (and Labour) sense the Tory self inflicted wounding won’t end anytime soon and now is the time to charge into the befuddled mess May and her Cabinet have caused and offer a palatable solution which will derail the Government.

I think the Labour heartlands will be fine. In the main, i’m going to have a punt that the desire to oust Tories is greater than the desire to push for a hard brexit.


This is it for me. Ripe time to force an election(i’m not up on the exact rules, but it’s been mentioned for a fair while)?
They’ll need to change the language though. This “people’s vote” shit is very demeaning to those that voted out and does a lot of damage to any future dialogue. After 2 bitter years, that’s going to be a challenge.


Quality letter from Mike Harding to Theresa May.


Love Mike Harding. The Armchair Anarchists Almanac is something I read as a kid. A hardbook sits on my bookshelf now.

It’s a great letter, but I’d divert from my hero on one point in particular.

A smart man like him will know full well that a campaign of a composition of politicians across the house had no power to implement the policy it was advocating.

There was one lie on that bus, in one sentence, in one word. Here goes.

We send the EU £350m every week

We don’t send that much. The rebate means we only send the EU £250m a week. Here’s the thing. That figure on a bus would have been just as good in terms of swaying opinion. It’s still a guaranteed multi-rollover Euromillions lottery sized amount, going every week to the European Union.

Let’s address the qualities of the proponents of this argument. No, I do not believe that the likes of Boris Johnson or Michael Gove would ever willingly put anything into the NHS for any other reason than naked political advantage.

The concept in the abstract, money we don’t pay to the European Union or spend implementing its Directives is money that could be spent at home. You just need to ensure you don’t have a Conservative government.


I think the Labour solution on a Customs Union is a smart one. The distinction between definite and indefinite articles is crucial. It’s not the one we’re in. It’d be a new arrangement and an amalgamation of the two markets under different rules.

Specifically, Labour’s plan is for tariffs from non-EU countries to be bi-laterally agreed within their proposed Customs Union.

Here’s the genius thing. The EU are never going to go for it. The deal they wrote for May leaves them in a stronger position than they were before, and they’re not about to cede that much power. The organisation doesn’t compromise.

It’s a hard Brexit played against the likely results of the encounter, and if the British public see a European Union that won’t deal with the Labour Party either, sympathy for their project will evaporate.


I am saying just one thing before I fuck off again:

250mil per week sounds … a lot, but it is around 4% of the just the NHS budget… or around 1.5% GDP… now compare that to the conservative estimates of the BofE estimates of our post Brexit economy either with or without a deal… as Mike says, ther will be NO fucking extra cash for anything as with at best be likely 400m a week worse off with the highly likely fucked economy… and that is at the conservative -2-3% level… but I am sure it’s fucking worth it…


If anything, it’s a low ball figure. The effort required to implement directives costs companies millions or more. I cite GDPR as a recent example.


Stop being a dick… GDPR is fucking necessary to protect our fucking rights and to dismiss it because it costs Money is you just being a knob… it would cost the companies the same implementing appropriate legislation that will allow them to trade with EU countries as a result of GDPR so there is NO fucking difference

I work for a small company now having got out of a 60000 employee corporate to join a start up of 10 people which trades 90% with EU companies … we turnover around 3mil, and had to invest around £45k to be GDPR compliment … not a huge deal and would be necessary irrespective of whether we are in or out of EU IF we wanted to continue to trade with these customers… normal cost of doing business…

… it cost 7k just to be compliment with a UK only set of legislation re interviewing UK physicians… to be compliant with US policy require us to open a fucking office that is staffed in the US… will cost minimum of 150k… so don’t add more fucking bullshit to the argument. The cunts BoJo and Gove, Farage did enough of that already and you seem to have bought it hook line and fucking sinker…


So I want to know where all this cash is coming from that we will be able to spend on our people when our economy is 5-6% lower that today?

In order to trade with the EU irrespective of a deal or no deal, we still have to conform to EU standards… be it from Medicines to tech (CE mark) - twats saying we can ditch that and send stuff unrestricted to new markets are talking shit…


This is spot on because I truely believe that had many of those who voted Brexit really understood what it would mean they might have voted otherwise.

We all want what is best for the people of this country and if that means spending just over 1% of our GDP to get free access to a huge market, ensure free tourist access that contributes to our economy, give us the freedom to travel and work where we like, I think that is worth spending on a few fat cat commissionaires in Brussels… especially when you add the fact that those that advocate Brexit politically can’t even give you one piece of ECJ legislation they would change… we have fucked ourselves in the arse because a bunch of Mail reading ‘little englenders wanted to oust power from the capitalist Tories, a few folks with outdated socialist principles, some folks who rightly protested against being fucked by post 2006 Tory austerity and a bunch of fucking lies as the Tories ripped each other apart… for what?


What would be funny as fuck would be if Corby goes and offers a new ref… fucking ‘anti-democrat’…


And if vote was offered by a centrist Labour leader it would isolate the vote in the North, it could end in a split party or a North/South split on the vote, what then?
Momentum wouldn’t be able to quell the tide of the real Labour core, a vote if it has to be done should be on a parties manifesto at the next election so people KNOW what they’re voting for and they can vote, abstain or spoil at the box.