:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


And here comes the crux. We NEVER really joined. My Daughter is a Lawyer, she put it extremely well. We did not join the EU because we could never join it.
English Law is built upon our extensive Civil Law - Judgements and cases determine vast swathes of our lives, our business even.
That Civil Law developed over centuries, dear old Lord Denning is entrenched in it.
Europe has no true equivalent.
Europe has legislation.
From day one our DNA and our systems were non-compatible.
Take that to it’s next obvious Leave example - Benefits for Immigrants. Why did so many want to get across the Channel from Sangatte? Because our rules were different from other parts of the EU and much better for many. Again, incompatible. Border Controls? Obviously, not just for racist driven reasons but because the public were programmed to believe we would give free money to them.
The Euro? Brilliant, EXCEPT it would diminish the impact of the City and UK had spent the post Thatcher years destroying manufacturing and relying on Financial Services.
Shengen? Brilliant. Except for the benefit claimants and Merkel destroyed that dream in one fell swoop with her self immolation allowing in millions of migrants.

The problem has always been the EU Social Democratic Ideology and the nature of their institutions were incompatible. No amount of fobbing off can get them together. Our DNA was different our society different.

BUT it could have worked, compromise was needed. Now, let us see where the EU Power Brokers stand on ANY negotiation or compromise.

I am not supporting Brexit in this I am simply pointing out without change/negotiation and compromise everything goes the way of Dinosaurs. And until something changes this entire debate is emotive and a clusterfuck of unbelievable proportions.
But I don’t care, I’m becoming Polish :sunglasses:


Me @saintbletch will be joining you with our Irish passports- let’s do a catch up in Paris in the springtime. There won’t be any of those annoying Brits bothering us.




Didn’t work out too well for Alan.

One can only hope that someone was able to smell his cheese.



Surprised Jeremy Corbyn’s on there…


Fuck me Waitrose must have been empty yesterday.


Waitrose? I thought it was young people’s futures that were stolen! Don’t seem to be many of them on this bus :smiley:



That was the olds bus.

Anyway, a view from the yoof


Hitchens all over the shop regarding lifespan of referenda. Why do these absolutists consistently overplay their hands?


I’m sure the analogy between Leave voters and children was purely accidental.



Yeah, but as a device to disambiguate preparation vs implementation, it seems to have been the penny that dropped.

I’d unwittingly do it again,dammit.


Can we have a referendum to decide whether or not having a referendum on the final outcome is a good idea



It’s a nice double entendre but essentially she is saying that pulling out resulted in an unwanted outcome (her daughter), but staying in would have resulted in the same outcome (an unwanted daughter) on this occasion. It’s a nice sentiment but flawed from a logic perspective and doesn’t make for a good analogy.


She’s got soft brexit written all over her.


Don’t know, but I do find it amusing that in all their efforts to get a second vote going, advocates are about to make Boris Johnson correct on something. He was ridiculed at the time for suggesting there would be a second vote.


Great article by a Remain voter on the dire straits the campaign has found itself in.