:pl: :brentfordfc: Brentford v Saints :saints:

:brentfordfc: v :saints:

  • :brentfordfc: doing well, :saints: not so much so, only one way that this ends. :saints: to lose
  • by some miracle :saints: turn it around with the new players hitting the ground running, a :saints: win on the card
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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New players need Visas, cannot even fly to UK until tomorrow at the earliest assuming HMG does their thing on time

Sutton Says

Brentford v Southampton
Southampton have improved a lot recently and gave Newcastle a decent game in the Carabao Cup in midweek, but they have now lost three out of their past four games in all competitions.

Brentford have not lost in the league since 23 October and at home they are particularly strong - I definitely fancy them to win this one, although I do think Saints will score.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Schak’s prediction: Southampton might be a little bit miffed about losing to us in the Carabao Cup; they played pretty well against us in the second half on Tuesday. 1-2

I usually like to guess the sort of team we might put out but finding it impossible. After Tuesday there’s no way we should try 352 again but I bet Jones will. And I’d let the new arrivals bed in on the bench, so they’ll probably start and look lost.

My team would be

Bree (no choice) ABK (or Salisu if not fit) Caletta-Carr Perrauld
Lavia Alcaraz
AA JWP Edozie

Then bring on new signings (if available).

What strikes me is we almost have too many wing/AM options now.

Caletta-Carr and Bella-Kochap both in the B team today! So CBs tomorrow Salisu, Bednarek and Lyanco. Djenepo and Orsic playing today as well.

I think our manager has totally lost it. He seems to choose on the basis of size, aggression and “passion”. Skill is clearly irrelevant.

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From the press conference earlier:

“Duje Caleta-Car, Moussa Djenepo, Armel Bella-Kotchap and Mislav Orsic are in action for Southampton’s B team on Friday afternoon: “They need minutes. We want to get the whole squad up to speed. It does not mean they will not feature this weekend”

I’d argue he never had it.


Caleta-Car was subbed at HT

Good. He’ll only be half knackered tomorrow.

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Now I’m really worried. I posted this and the “like” is from verified Paul Onuachu account. :flushed: Is he disillusioned already?

Just seen he’s liked other critical comments

Unless I’ve been conned and it’s a parody account, someone’s in trouble.


Assuming KWP is crocked the the starting 11 is simple

Bree JannyB Salisu Perraud
Lavia Alcarez/Diallo
Aribo JWP Moi

Caleta-Car on the bench for when NJ decides we need to lose
(By going to 5 at the back)

Brentford play with a back 3. So with the greatest of respect, the Welsh mining village isn’t going to pass up an opportunity to do the same and will say it was all done to match them up.

We will be defeated 2-0.

Fine, but this doesn’t explain why he didn’t play against Newcastle. He had a week off by being banned for the FA Cup.

I deleted an earlier post that mirrored yours but without the tactical nuance (🤦🏼).

It was along the lines of Brentford being better at their style of play than we are and how NJ will attempt to match up with them and we will get beaten.

I would be delighted with a point today but however I’ve sliced it, it comes up as a defeat.

I’ve tried to warm to NJ but every time he’s interviewed or I see a team sheet the opposite occurs.

Our new signings offer some hope. We are a distant second to, obvs, Chelsea for spending in the transfer window. SR have backed the manager.

Maybe we are at the depositing dirt from our trousers on the vegetable patches stage as Tom, Dick and Harry are under construction but the Great Escape doesn’t start today and Hilts is still in the cooler.


If even a semblance of the team that knocked City out of the cup shows up, we will win this. And the law of averages says that sooner or later NJ will have to notch up 3 points in a league game.

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Well, shit hey.

I’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions today, outside of the forum. Dressed down for choosing personal safety before driving a motor vehicle, the music project I am in is lighting up as we speak but actual positivity for this weeks adventure in Saintsland is a hard one to get off the ground!

Guess the hope that I have is to play in a style that we can be proud of as supporters, which we have yet to see from NJ and co, not that I have been convinced from both NJ’s player rants nor the players, that the group is playing for the manager.

So, bottom line is defend one on one in the wide areas, dont commit two defenders and allow them three attackers to play triangle ball around to the byline and JUST BE YOURSELVES. That was a tactic El Rabbito instilled that the players seem to think is ace but it is causing us endless problems around our box. What do I know though, I’m just watching the game 12k miles away.

Sorry for the overtly non positive post, all I’ve got though hey


What have you done with the real @OzSaintDave ?

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Perhaps also midfield could track runners into the box for a change?

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