Brendan Rodgers to stay!

OMG, more breaking news - I can’t keep up!

@MailSport: Brendan Rodgers to STAY at Liverpool after holding talks with FSG


yes! Good News hat-trick!

Edit: soz with respect to those poor corpses hanging off Alton Towers scaffolding RIP


oh and another one of the kennedy’s being RIP i spose RIP


Dear Dr Rosenpenis,

Please stop digging a hole for yourself.

thank you.

ok soz. I bet i.e. Kat & Les Reed are v.pleased bout this cos it will affect our Budget.

Originally posted by @Dr.-Rosenpenis

ok soz.

That’s OK. I only replied because I wanted an excuse to write ‘Dear Dr Rosenpenis’

why don’t you do a name change coxford lou are you not tired of coxford lou i would prob just be lou if i was you cos it’s not like we have so many lou’s on here that we would otherwise be confused think about it

Tempting, as I don’t like Coxford, and I don’t like being called cocksforlou. But plain Lou seems a bit dull…

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you could prob be i.e. Nurse Muncher or something like that but you would have to respect my authority bc i would outrank you

Nurse Ratched

Dear Dr. Rosenpenis,

I’m most honoured to receive your suggestion. I find your assertiveness and authority of utmost intrigue, and frequently find myself pondering on the strength of your intellect at moments of female weakness. Often I find myself in a moment of reverie whilst alone, wondering about your steadfast advice. I frequently find myself yearning for your soft words of wisdom and your powerful hands expressing the emotion of your feelings.

However - doesn’t Muncher mean I like women? If so, no thanks.

Forever in your arms,



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Nurse Ratched

That’s a better idea, Goaters!

omg lol “cowgirl”, was rusty trombone taken???

I’m picturing Lou as Cowgirl right at this very minute; after an appropriate amount of recovery time - about 24 hours these days - I’m gonna picture her as Nurse Ratched, then let you know which one I prefer. :smile:

Dear Dr. Rosenpenis,

I’m not sure mocking my name is very professional behaviour for a gynaecologist, but FYI, it was a short term fix until I could decide a better permanent name.

Thanks Halo, that’s much more constructive.

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Well, that’s one way of putting it, Lou :smile:

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OMG I just don’t know who or what Nurse Ratched is. What am I missing.

Sh sh sh ee wa wa s th th e evil ma ma ma tron in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest who made poor Billy stutter