Boat race!

I know you lot like sport so what’s what about the boat race? As I am originally from Cambridge (born there not universitied) it’s expected I support them. Which posh blues are you rooting for?

Always Cambridge! No logical reason whatsoever

Or there is the goat race


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My paternal grandfather went to Oxford and was mates with Phillip Larking and Kingsley Amis. Plus papa was born near Oxford. My maternal uncle went to Cambridge and family lived there.

Tricky this posh stuff.


Cambridge blue is now green!


Cambridge women are sinking!

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Pissing myself here!

My ancestors were tutors at Cambridge, my gg grandmother was born there so I’ve alway been a Cambridge man.

I’ve put an each way bet on them…hoping for a result. :lou_lol:

Yaaaa! we won…can’t believe it. :lou_surprised:

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Toffs splashing about.

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Originally posted by @Rallyboy

Toffs splashing about.

+1 the only way I’m watching that is if they put a hole in each boat, and fill the river with sharks

Boats are for fishing from.

I think next year it’s the goat race for me.

Cambridge United v Oxford United in league 2 tomorrow. Big game for both, with 2 teams that are far from sinking!