⛓ Blockchains

Not sure how many on sotonians have heard about this- lauded by some as a permanent disruption of the financial sector with the potential to affect every aspect of our daily lives whilst viewed by others as a fad with little chance of becoming mainstream. Popularised by bitcoin and predicted to be introduced into the financial sector within he next few years, the brief overview is given here:

So what do we reckon then? Is this the sort of technology that we should be welcoming- taking the power back from big institutions? Giving the political views of some on here I would guess this can only be seen as a something positive.

I’ve heard of blocked drains.

That is the most boring post I have seen on this site. It almost makes me believe that you are the real hypo. I’m not reading it. It’s Fuck off. fucking bollocks.


Wooaahh there, that’s a pretty bold claim. Bazza’s got a reputation to protect.

Didnt they used to be Ian Dury’s backing band?

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I’d like a P, Bob.