Blag Sky

What is the best?
I’ve just bought a openbox 8s as they are cheap but you need to buy a gift? Also heard about amiko alien 2, any good? What about leelbox? Anybody got any of these, help would be appreciated cheers,

There are actually some great new options available for those who want to steal Sky’s valuable content. It depends what area you are in though, can you confirm your full name and address please?


6 Grass Avenue

Rat Boulevard



Just get proper Sky you fucking pikey.


I’d quite happily get both sky sports and BT if they’d show every Saints game.

Now, why can NBC show every Premiership game live but the Sky/BT can’t / won’t.

Ever get the feeling the fans are being ripped off? Clubs make most of their money via the media these days so could afford to drop match day prices to get a full house and everyone else can watch on the telly box. Everyone’s a winner …or am I being naive??

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What are you after Baz, Sports or shows or movies or all 3??

There is an agreement in place with the broadcasters otherwise they reckon that nobody would turn up to watch the football live. Why bother going to an away game when you can watch it on TV?

In America they don’t broadcast American Football games in the are that the game is played in, i.e. if the 49ers are playing at home the game won’t be broadcast in the bay area!! Don’t know if that applies to other, major US sports!

But you’re right, they could drop match day prices and then charge (a resonable fee) for people to watch the game on the box!!

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I pay and have done for 6 years a fortune and I have had enough, I have all the channels HD in two rooms and it costs me £125 a month, they can get to fuck, had enough, they tried to bend me round with deals which are fair to be fair but that will run out and I’ll be back to square one, bollocks had enough of paying well over the odds, most months its £140 odd with the boxing PPV, absolute con.

So Cherts shove your pike up your hoop my boy.

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The whole lot, need it for 3 rooms so open to different systems, going to get fiber internet as well, I dont want to talk about my internet connection again as I’ll cry.

Well for the Movies and Shows you could get them from a torrent site and then stream them to your TVs from a decent computer using Plex or something like that.

Not so sure for Sports as Smart TVs don’t really cope with the sites that broadcast the sports.

BTW is this a sting operation?

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Is it bollocks, as Pap will tesify most boozers up here have some bollocks and simoly play the blag, most people do as well, overpriced and not worth it.

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Scouser’s in theft shocker. It’s fine honestly, ask my scouse mate he will testify loads of people on Brookside Close steal stuff as well. Even sinbad in the pub does it ffs. It’s normal!

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It seems overpriced until they get nicked. Then it seems underpriced. Problem is, they let anyone into pubs as well, so they’re easily nicked :lou_lol:

Fuck that he is a tory stooge who steals off the people, as for Murdoch…

He has served his time Barry, cut him a break.

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