Black Friday

Black Friday


Wow, that escalated quickly.

Obviously, I’ve seen that you guys had joined the Yanks in this annual consumer fest, but to my surprise, this weekend even we are jjoining in (although being a bit behind ours is still a Store based event not Online Selling based)

So come on, are you a Black Friday Grinch or are you eagerly awaiting the chance to buy someone a pair of socks at 75% discount?

Do you wait for the day or have you done your Xmas shopping already?

Can you buy discounted booze on Black Friday?

Will Beltch be buying up the entire nearly at sell-by date of Brew Dog online?

What takes your eye or what is the dumbest thing you’ve seen someone buy.

Personally, I much preferred the sleeping on the pavement days to the F5 days

Oh and how come in your PC world it’s even called Black Friday?


Here you go @dubai_phil


Fucking consumerist, greed, fuckwittage from the yanks. Any place offereing this shit is dropped from my shop list… utter, utter contempt for this shit…

Rant over :lou_angry:


Bullshit, utter bullshit.

Which? Magazine saying that most stuff was offered at the Black Friday price several months back. It is supposed to be a one day event which now stretches for the whole of November.

awful Seppo bull shit that preys on the gullible and can fuck right off back over the atlantic

Jeff Bezos is an utter cunt for bringing it to these shores


I absolutely LOVE Black Friday. It’s a chance to watch gullible people buy a load of old tat at non-sale prices, and miserable people blow a gasket at its very existence - what’s not to like?!

I also quite like the fact that Children in Need seems to signal the start of Black Friday promotions… there’s got to be some sort of irony in there somewhere - something about charity giving way to consumerism and greed perhaps.


Why isn’t there a White Friday? It’s like the fuckimg MOBOs all over again.


There is irony in the fact the day after they give thanks for what they have, they fritter away their cash buying things they don’t need.


Maybe Black Friday refers to the charred remains of dumbass americans after they deep fry their turkeys.


yeah wtf is THAT all about?

Mrs D_P found something about that on fb and low and behold some Moira Stewart cloe (or whatever her name was) basically deep fried a Thanksgiving Turkey…

Meanwhile bang goes my weekend shopping trip

Obviously Eric won’t bother getting out of bed for it…

Sale doesn’t extend to the booze shops

It’s the UAE’s version of Black Friday, and the city of Dubai is gearing up in a big way.

It has just been announced that 350 brands across the Emirate will be participating in this year’s second edition of the 3 Day Super Sale. The first took place in May.

From November 23 until November 25, 1,500 stores across malls in Dubai will be offering discounts from 30 to a massive 90 percent. There will be discounts on jewellery, toys, homeware, fashion and more, and shoppers can expect bargains from middle to high-end brands and shops, including Coach, Laura Mercier, Banana Republic, Massimo Dutti, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Bloomingdale’s, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols and Galeries Lafayette, reports Gulf News.


I mean SRSLY?

No wonder the planet’s resources are going to the toilet. Why the FUCK would you need a Deep Fat Turkey Frier at home?


Hey Phil, you got a link to a deep fat turkey fryer in a Black Friday sale? I’d be interested in that.


An orgy of consumerism.

Tonnes more plastic for the oceans Friday. Melt the icecaps Friday. Buying stuff you don’t need or even really want Friday. Sticking it in a cupboard and forgetting about it Friday.


Oh should have known


Apparently it does cook the bastard in 30 minutes flat

The biggest downside I can see is that you wouldn’t dare drink whilst that thing was on the go, and that is part of the fun of cooking at Christmas


Britain embraces the Black Friday madness:


British Retailers realise that the game is up


Who doesnt like deep fried turkey?


Fuck me, she reckons a 10lb turkey only ‘yields 6 servings’ :lou_lol:


or 12 to 15 non americans



Was at Mall at 9am did weekly shop at Carrefour dumped it in car walked roun the sales 30-90% they said. Yeah right.

Bought nothing saw nothing to buy. Went to Tchibo they had 30% off bought a dry fit tee shirt for holiday for £3.

Went to a small niche mall and boom Arrow work shirts my size £15 each good quality cotton and much needed now I’m 11kg lighter than in May. No crowds there at all.

But omg the jams on the way home yikes.

So actually I’m happy needed the shirts for my (paid for by you lot) trip to Poland next week.

Off to get a little bit pickled. Rock Bottom is having a Black Friday karaoke night half price beer. Woo hoo!