Bitter, blue?

Anyone going to Everton this weekend? I heard @bucks was thinking of making the trip and at £11 per ticket, why not?

If so, drinks shall be arranged hereski.

No, would love to but I’ve got enough to repay for 2 days away from home in the space of a week…


Perhaps her fault for not explaining I was supposed to be spending quality time with her niece BEFORE the game, 6 pints and tray of vodka shots…


Well, the tickets were top value. Eleven quid each, including booking fee.

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I’m about.

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I hate being in Dubai sometimes. Would have loved more tie o finish the chats we had at the Railway.

But back to the sand it tomorrow - someone has to fix Eric’s computer so he can post again…

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This is a good period of consistency for me as a supporter.

I’ve done the last three weeks on the trot at Saints games, and will do the next two weeks as well. Thank fuck I don’t have to travel too far for this one.


Who is coming up? Many? What boozer? Don’t know what the story is yet but I’ll be about.

Not sure yet. You’ll get to meet my bro, though. I’ve also posted on Northern Saints to see if any of them are going.

No fella. Thinking of doing Swansea if results go our way this weekend. Midweek trip, overnight stay unless driving but it might just be necessary


Shame. I think it might be a chance to meet the legendary Turkish, judging from the Northern Saints chat on FB.


Make sure you tell him that his shoes are shit and his watch looks like a knock off.


Turkish is not unfortunately going. He was using my announcement as a platform to make a joke about being the one with the foam hands and a replica shirt with a custom-printed SaintsWeb username on the back.

I feel used.


So is anyone going apart from Pap?

I’m going and will catch up with him if he is about, not too sure what I am doing though before or after.

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Where you having a pint Pap?

We’re in the Thomas Frost, Bazza.


Right mate hope to see you in a bit.

In here you fanny.

So are we. Outside the front