Bit Defender Vs. AVG Anti-Virus


I’ve run AVG anti-virus on my Desktop and Notebook computers for several years without complaint.

I’ve always been a belt and braces user when it comes to online security and have only had one virus infection when I was a green newbie 20 years ago.

I had my Desktop in for repair just after Christmas and was talking to the repair guy about increasing the memory. Unfortunately the motherboard won’t take anymore.

He asked what virus protection I was using and I said AVG. He said AVG is good but very “memory hungry”…he recommended Bit Defender as it will probably speed up processing.

Anyone have experience of these two and how they compare as AVG is coming up for renewal in the next couple of weeks?


Did the guy say how much space AVG takes up?

I use it & would be interested to know


No he didn’t I’m afraid…it was a side issue and I didn’t persue it in detail. I do a lot of photography and shoot in .RAW so the files are large and processing them is slower than it should be as my Desktop only runs 4gb Ram.

Bit Defender he says is excellent and allow one payment subscription for up to 5 computers.


AVG is very resource hungry, I’d go for Avast… it’s far less demanding on your system but offers the same levels of security for a home set up.

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Cheers Steve - I recently changed from Avast to AVG and my laptop has been slow to start up - so between you and LITSL you’ve probably given me the answer why…


Another option would be Eset - we use their products where I work (and as our recommended option for customers). They’re lighter on resource use and less intrusive than a lot of other products. Not bad on cost either, I think.


That’ll be why, I think Cob. AVG is very good but it’s quite demanding on smaller, domestic type systems.

At the end of the day most AV’s use the same databases, it’s usually the ancilliary services that differentiate products. For this reason I’ve always used the free versions, exactly the same virus protection as the full versions, just without the support, network protection etc which generally aren’t required for home use.

I’m only an enthusiast tho’, not an expert. I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong.

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