🇺🇸 :biden_emoji: Biden, his Time

Time for a new POTUS thread?

I don’t for one minute believe Trump won’t try some sort of underhand tactic to disrupt the vote.

He’s an dangerously unhinged narcissistic individual with a following of people who really should know better.

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Fair enough. Let’s see if we’re at war anytime soon and we can see what’s worse. Narcissism or business as usual.

Well he is in

Not sure what Trump has left in his locker

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This is true. It is one country well in need of psychological help tbf

Interesting also that Putin has now finally acknowledged Biden.

Let’s hope he pays the child support in Yuan :slight_smile:

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Prisoner #202101 assume the position and practice picking up soap in the shower.


Really not sure it’s a good thing for Biden that everything is seen through the prism of Trump, not for Biden and not for America.

One of Trump’s other big achievements was getting the US economy rocking again, at least in terms of US perception.

This could well be a poisoned chalice for Biden and the Democrats. He won the election because he’s not Trump and because Trump had done a fucking terrible job on the coronavirus.

He inherits all the mess, the job losses, the redundancies, the foreclosures that will inevitably lead to a lot of dire personal circumstances for voters.

It isn’t enough to be not Trump. If anything, the US needed the radical version of Trump from the left, but it’s just not ready. Biden has got to visibly better than Trump. It’s a tall ask under the circumstances.

Biden offers business as usual. As we’ve seen, business as usual just don’t cut it in the COVID age.

Pessimism Pap?

I agree that the people and new President need to manage the damage done by Trump and make sure the shit left is parked wholly on Trump’s doorstep.

Whether Biden has the balls to do that, I’m open to see, for now.

Will probably be the same old, same old, but isn’t it nice to feel a bit of positivity / schadenfreude for at least a moment?

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Biden and his team positively being positive about at least trying to heal the nation and not calling people out / harassing them / hating them / beating the shit out of them because of:

  • colour
  • race
  • gender / neutrality
  • sexual preference
  • political views
  • geography

Is both a bloody decent start and a massive change from the sheer hatred pumped out every day by Trump.

Plenty of challenges ahead but off to a flyer IMO


Hmmm Trump supporters in frocks, doesn’t seem right to me :thinking:

And from the supplier of said frocks


That’s why they’re called the Proud Boys (is that homophobic? )


Biden reverses Trump’s withdrawal from WHO

The Biden administration has confirmed it will undo another of President Trump’s most controversial decisions - the withdrawal of the US from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The top infectious diseases expert in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci, announced the reversal in a brief speech earlier today.

Praising the WHO for its role leading the global response to Covid-19, Dr Fauci said the US would remain a member, would honour its financial commitments, and maintain its staff.

Trump drew criticism for pulling the US out of the WHO in the middle of a pandemic. One of Biden’s top priorities is tackling the pandemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 400,000 people in the US, by far the highest death toll in the world.

Dr Fauci also confirmed that under Biden, the US would join multilateral efforts to get coronavirus vaccines and treatments to poorer countries.

This is a long way from Trump’s “America First” agenda.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus welcomed Dr Fauci’s announcement, saying: “This is a good day for WHO and a good day for global health.”


Trumpers still posting out there

Todays facepalm