Best theme tune ever written

Come on then, let’s see what people think. As mentioned on another thread, Going for Gold has got to be up there.

I may even start a poll once we have enough nominations!

Is this too exciting for mid-week? Perhaps I should have saved it for a Friday! Oh my God it’s so thrilling!


Has to be Batman

Dinner dinner dinner

Dinner dinner Dinner

Dinner dinner dinner

Or The Pink Panther

Durham Durham Durham

Durham Duram Durham

It’s an exciting thread all right - perfect for a Wednesday I’d say!

Look no further than The Prisoner for the best theme tune.


Haven’t we done this before, or was it on another Forum?

My favourite when I was a sprog was Banana Splits. I’d sing it to myself on long walks to pass the time!!


A few that stand out for me are …

Might I suggest some categories? I have included my choices* for said categories also…

Most Rousing - Star Trek TNG/Dangermouse

Most sing-alongable - Red Dwarf/Ulysses 31/Fraggle Rock

Most lullabyish - Twin Peaks/Father Ted/Arena

Most 80’s - Street Hawk/Airwolf

Most bestest cartoon/animation theme - Count Duckula/Trapdoor

*subject to change as I remember other theme tunes…

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Has it been done before? Danmit. I’m sure @btripz will dig it out if we’ve done it before!

I’ll change the terms of the debate a little then - it has to be a theme song that you could conceivably do at a (terrible) karaoke night. No instrumentals! Banana Splits qualifies as it has lyrics. All others so far can fuck off.

Maggie Bell is blasting out a tune in The Hazel Theme FFS :cool:

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Dambusters, Star Wars, Great Escape…

Oh the OP meant TV Shows.

So how about shows where you know what it is inside about two bars

Dr Who

Monty Python.


Oh sorry still no actual definition of what constitutes the greatest…

What about Ski Sunday? or the old F1 Music (By Fleetwood Mac)

The perfect never ending thread this one so many themes

If it has been done then I am unaware of it, even my brain the size of a planet forgets things occasionally.

And changing the category restricts things massively, not many theme tunes have lyrics so, in essence, you are stuck with the Muppets or the Banana Splits of Fraggle Rock. Unless you consider me beat boxing the timpanis from 2001 : A Space Odyssey as karaoke?

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Whils strictly not a theme tune


One of my criteria for tunes that qualify as the best would be, ‘do you listen to the full theme tune even when binge watching episodes?’, this one defo qualifies :lou_smiley:


THe forum theme song fits @themightyostrich 's criteria

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