Best headlines of the day or past

I have heard some great headlines over the last few days, but today was a great one.

“Drunk vigilante went hunting killer clowns armed with nunchucks”. This just tells you all you need to know.

below is my favourite headline of all time.

Do you have any clever headlines or ones that make you think “my god” and there is no need to read the story. Should be plenty on the Daily Mail as they have a paragraph headline of rubbish!

A sub editor must have thought all his birthdays and Christmases had come at once when that happened! Fancy sitting on that headline for years, just waiting for that result!

For me the headline is The Sun’s “Gotcha” when the Belgrano was sunk. All you need to know about the worst of the tabloid press and the mindset of its owner and management is right there in bold type. I put his as a best headline because it tells you all you need to know about the gutter press.