Best flautist?

Best flautist?


Who’s your fave blower of the Flute?

For me it’s got to be Lori Bell :smile:



I flout a lot of things brilliantly.


Not sure you guys are taking this thread seriously :slight_frown:


Fav blower of the pink obo

That will take some time to come up with the answer


Leg guard worn in hockey? Available in a choice of colours including pink.




The winner of this little competition, by a country mile, is Ian Anderson - he of Jethro Tull fame. He may not be the most technically gifted flautist but certainly makes up for it in energy. Try these for size. First is a solo on the flute and the second is a live version of locomotive breath with him hurling the flute around like it’s a sword!


Ah, the debate that has raged through rock for six decades…


Don’t let bletch see that leather jerkin.


Marc Almond?..


Any man who can blow like that and wears a codpiece in ok in my book.

I went to see Jethro Tull live back in the 70s. The show kicked off with Pan’s People dancing to some pre recorded music from Ian Anderson to be followed by the support act - an all female American band called Fanny.

I kid you not.