🎵 Best Boney M Cover Song

:musical_note: Best Boney M Cover Song


Just really interested to hear what Sotonians believe is the best song that Boney M ever covered?


What is it Sotonians? (@Fowllyd, any ideas?)


Are you off your medication again?


Mrs D_P does a rocking version of Rasputin at karaoke, HTH


What took you so long? For my money it would be Mary’s Boy Child, but I’m sure others will have differing views. Some may go for Brown Girl in the Ring, though this is perhaps less a cover than an interpretation of a children’s song.

I heard it said somewhere or other that they had done a cover of King of the Road, but I suspect that’s inaccurate. Hard to imagine such a thing being true.


Like this you mean?


Blimey. I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t seen and heard it on here. That was one hell of a find, Bletch - I really must congratulate you.


For the uninitiated @Fowllyd (and his ever loving life) and I (and my ever loathing wife) periodically enter a local pub quiz.

We did so last Thursday evening and during the music round, that cover of King of the Road was played and we were asked to name who was covering it.

Upon hearing the string arrangement and the voice of the female singer I told @Fowllyd that it was Boney M.

“I don’t know who it is,” says @Fowllyd, “but it isn’t Boney M”.

He got a bit racist too by telling me that the singer was definitely white and English.

I think he wrote down “Sandy Shaw” as our answer, but it might have been “Eva Braun”, I’m not sure.

It’s OK though because I’m over it now.

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Can I say…“Better than the original…and better hair”


Boney M?
We’re gonna need a Modern Talking thread as well if were going classic EuroPop


Good grief.


Nah, we just need a bit of…

or and lets not forget…


For years I thought that song by Sailor was by Roxy Music

In my defence, I was very young and stupid. I’m now much older…


Your edit makes me video look just weird.





I can see you swearing at me with the same standard of lip sync as the Rory McGrath lookie-likey in the George Baker Selection video.


Top TOP stuff…


They don’t write ‘em like that anymore.

…thank fuck!




My work is done.


I’m so glad to hear that your over it. I did worry. And I’m glad to see that your thread on the matter has brought you such spectacular results. This must be a boon to your recovery, I’m sure.