Bert van Marwijk

You’re time has come.

So you’d repalce an unproven Frenchman with an unproven Dutchman who’s the current manager of the Saudi football team!!

The man who led the Dutch to 3 defeats out of 3 in Euro 2012. :lou_facepalm_2:

He has a lot to prove like Koeman and Pochettino and hemay I add turned us down after 2012, Jesus lads keep up.

Yeah, him or Harry Redknapp, perhaps with Warnock as DoF.

Or shall we wait until Moyes gets sacked and bring him in?

Is Bob Bradley still over here?

He looked good too.

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A fine glass of Chablis is calming me down.

Puel is a cunt.

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Isn’t that Pardew bloke available?