Benny Green’s role will no longer be reprised; or if it is Terry Sue-Pratt will not be playing him.

A Sad day.

Two other facts about Grange Hill.

I used to get called Zammo in my youth, because I used apparently looked like him. I didn’t think so.

I used to have a massive crush on Trisha Yates. It never went anywhere because I couldn’t forgive her her poor diction.

Where are they now?

Any other Grange Hill memories?

Loved Grange Hill when I was a kid. Gutted about Benny.

He was initially a little before my time, but I remember seeing some very early episodes when the BBC decided to re-run them.

Saw that this was the third from top story on the sky app earlier! Can’t say I really remember Benny to be honest.

I remember seeing a scene between him and (I think) Fay Lucas.

Something along the lines of:-

“Aw Benny, it’s not your fault that you’re a n*g-nog”

“It’s not your fault you’re a honky”

Ok, it’s ham-fisted way of depicting the struggles that different races faced in multi-cultural Britain, but it reminded me of how brave Grange Hill was. Racism, drug abuse, bullying… All subjects that the show covered, but treated its audience with respect.

Grange hill was ok until they got those two geordie twats in it

Slightely better when they shot one of them in the face with paintballs though


aw i’m glad to see smirking visit i miss you bro x


Show’s how times move on. There were no nignogs at my school. Just one chinky fella but he died young of bollock cancer :slight_frown:

This post was bought to you by the 1970’s.

I hear you’re a racist now, Goatboy
Is that the official position of the Goat Orthodox church?
Should we all be racists now?
It’s just that I like a cup of tea, and what with the farm and all, I’m not sure I’ll be able to devote meself full-time to the ol’ racism.

NOTE: Goatboy is not a racist, and tits aside on account of scary females in my house, I am not a squeamish moderator. I’ve always said that language is about context, and the context, such as it is, is alright I reckon.

Maybe I should have put a winky smiley. Or not had the last pint of dogfish during the Fatboy Slim set. Anyhoo, no offence intended.

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Just one chinky fella but he died young of bollock cancer :slight_frown:

sorry to hear that bro i will have sweet & sour balls tonight in his memory RIP


Some kid called Jonah and somebody dying in the swimming pool.

Gripper Stebson.

Pascoe v Tucker Jenkins.

Didn’t the Beeb decide it would be a great idea to move Grange Hill t’up Norf semi-recently?

Possibly up your way, papster? Odd. After my time, but I seem to recall being baffled by this when seeing my little brothers watching it.

They did make the decision to move it up North. I did some work for Lime Pictures, the company that made it (amongst other things, such as Hollyoaks, etc) and actually walked around the set of the northern version. It was weird. Totally incongruent. You’d walk into what was a perfectly normal conference room, having passed by loads of little disconnected bits of interior that were obviously part of the school.

The “move north” was accidental in a way. The original idea was to have a school which reflected all of the accents of the country, but it ended up being north west kids only on account of child employment laws.