🥊 Bellew v Usyk


Has anyone got a decent stream? I refuse to pay £20.


Mike Costello is a great sports commentator.


Yes, Sportsmania FTW


Confident start from Bellew


He’s doing better than most thought.


Saintsplayer.com has it on, if you have that.
Bit late, but just read the thread.


Discourse turned my writing into a link(that works). I didn’t know it could do that.
Excellent choice @saintbletch :blush:

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Out in 8


That’s it and goodnight, Usyk too good for Bellew there


Finished it nicely.
Only put it on when i seen this thread. What were the early rounds like?


Did I miss something??
Did I save £20?


£19.95 on ppv. You didn’t miss anything if you weren’t interested in this thread about a specific boxing event.


Are my posts?
a kind of weird Haiku?
And questions.
smug emoji

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