Belgium lunch ideas

so next week Myself and the Ayatollah will be part of the Fortuna Düsseldorf “Red Wall” for the last home game of the season where they could win the league. We are driving through Belgium around lunchtime the day before. Anyone got any suggestions for town to stop it for something to eat? We thought about Antwerp but I am a little cautious of spending a huge of time stuck in traffic.


This forum is so fucking middle aged and middle class :lou_sunglasses:

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Body of a 46 year old, mindset of a 22 year old, liver of an 85 year old.


Just don’t tell @barry-sanchez that he is actually middle class, he might blow a microchip or two.

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Why not take a packed lunch?

Stop at any Schnelimbess and grab some firkandellan and chips. You won’t be disappointed.

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And in English?

Oh and if you have a chance stop in Monchengladbach, there used to be an ice cream parlour there that sold Spaghetti Eis, an ice cream you will never forget having and your heart will never forgive you for having.

Mind you this was over 30 years ago so I doubt if it’s still there…

I just googled it. It looks like something @fatso would be proud of.

Belgium foot long (horse meat) sausage, cut in half, filled with a mixture of chopped onions, mayonaisse and tomato sauce…

What’s not to like?


Is “foot long horse sausage” a euphemism here?

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End of discussion.

Oh and easy for old gits to get round the canals

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“It’s fucking shithole”

I thought you were bang on when you said “driving through Belgium”.

Don’t stop.


Corrected it for you @btripz

No charge




From the thread title.

Lunch - Moules et Frites

Oh so middle class @dubai_phil


Oh so yummy @cobham-saint

Especially with Mayo

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Even the Germans didnt stop they went straight on to Paris.

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