Beggar's Fair 2018 Romsey - Sat 14th July

Music, Beer and more Beer throughout the town from 11am onwards.

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Dan O’Farrell at The Tipsy Pig at 3pm @saintbletch

Just tweeted him to tell him that I’ll be at home watching England come 4th in the World Cup! (in a roundabout sort of way).

Shame - really fancied getting along there for a few.

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Tipsy? Bletch will be totally wankered by 3pm.

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They should rename the pub to The Wankered Bletch.

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Yep it’s a 11am KO and downhill from thence…

I think that’s the first time “thence” has been used on Sotonians.

…can I claim a badge for that?

Nah, @Fowllyd must have used it a dozen times or more already.

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Oh yeaaah, so says “Bobby No Badges”…you’re just jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, on its way.


:grinning: Pant pant pant…

Ahhhh…worn with pride. :lou_lol:

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You’ve been on the cooking sherry again haven’t you



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Thanks for the new badge @saintbletch

What can I say?



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Don’t mention it.

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