🍻 Beers? Who can be arsed?


So kick-off tomorrow is at 1:30pm, which makes pre-match drinking a little pushed. So who’s up for a glass or two post match? We lucky few, we band of brothers, we season-ticket-holding sad fuckers, will receive a free drink at St Mary’s before the game, of course. But we need to gather after the event to drown sorrows/celebrate wildly/say ‘meh’.

Rockstone? South Western? Other?



Celebrate surely. So Rockstone, for the special selection of spirits(I won’t be there and it probably won’t happen so feel free to ignore).
A lbit of organisations in defence, a small re gig in midfield, is all that’s needed and Ralph(version ii) talks the talk(and some).
Have i said i’m very happy with his appointment. It’s like there is a direction and future again.



Let’s see what you’re saying after our inevitable humiliation tomorrow.

And I’d dearly love to be proved wrong on that.



Celebrate, at the moment, involves no more than not looking shit scared at the back.
Little steps work well.
If Ralph(ii) was a salesman, i’m sold already and that’s Ralph(i) dream scenario.
Truth is, i’m still not sure(if i’m honest) what he’s selling, but it sounds great :grin:

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Can’t make it today as Mrs G is out on the lash and Kid Goat is worried the Russians are coming.




Everyone enjoy your post WIN drinks. Have one for me…each

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