Beerhull Putsch

We have a three o clock kick off on Saturday.

Who’s coming for drinks?

Rockstonio? At around 1pm?


Sounds good to me.

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I can dig it. On call this week, but a kind colleague will cover for a few hours. Liking the thread title, papster.

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It’s going to be a thing moving forward. If I can get in there first, with a beer pun, it’s fucking happening.


Preparing to lay some foundations with a large fry-up brunch.


Only just woken up from last night’s session… Guess I’d better get up and dressed then!

Looks like I can get the 12.40 train in. Should be there for just after 1. :+1:


In Southampton. Papbro did not leave tickets at mama’s. I may be late.

Real life, in the shape of being on call this weekend, has intervened. Can’t pass the shit I currently have to deal with to a clolleague, so I’ll be missing this one - both beers and match. Fuckpigs.

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You won the fucking lottery missing that!

Pap and I were helping the sick and the poor on the street - and the match was bollocks.

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I’m sticking with “fuck off”