Bed or Taxi Time Music

Okay, so the date has gone well: nice meal, just the right amount to drink, the conversation has flowed and you’ve laughed at one another’s jokes.

Now the candles are burning low and it’s that awkward stage of the evening when a decision has to be made: should you gently lead your date to the bedroom or suggest that you ring for a taxi to take them home.

Unexpectedly, your date asks for one last piece of music. “What would you like?” you ask. “You choose” comes the reply.

You walk slowly over to your sound system (which, as it happens, includes every record ever made) and your finger hovers nervously over the select button. Your choice of music will determine whether it’s bed or taxi time.

But what the hell should you choose?

Bed or taxi time music. Suggestions for one or the other here please, fellow Sotonians.

I’ll start with a suggestion for each of them.




Bed: I’d go for this Peter Kay video…after listening to this she will have wet herself and she’ll be in the bathroom…halfway there. :smile:

Taxi…no problem…

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I’m not sure I understand the premise of the question. Is the first option intended to get them in a romantic mood. And the second, intended to get rid of them?

Because, frankly, if someone started playing that Shania Twain tune, I’d run a mile!



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Lol. Yeah, Lou, on reflection that was an unnecessarily rambling and muddled way to ask people for suggestions on what constitutes a good smoochy record, and what doesn’t. Put that down to driving all day, having one too many beers in the evening, waking up in a hotel at 4.30am with a sugar rush, and having to kill 3 hours before bloody breakfast is served!

So, Shania doesn’t get you in the mood then? That’s a shame because I think she pulls out all the stops in that video; in fact, so much so that I find myself wondering if the person who shot it was taking the piss. I actually quite like the song, though.