Bearsy's match previews

I enjoyed reading these a few years ago. Now that Brian has this large woodland area that he can run free in, any chance you’ll be bringing these back?


I put an extra ‘e’ in in Bearsy. Fuck me what a rookie error. I’ll never live this down.


Tks Morris!

I like your username, who was you on Steveweb? Pap used to spell me like that, but i’m pretty sure you ain’t pap.

I will deffo be making a special effort to do many Exclusive Papsweb Match Previews Etc this season. I think papsweb moderation-light standards gives us scope to be Even More Offensive! Check what we’re getting away with writing bout Kat Liebherr on her Life Story thread! That would of got us sent to Naughty Step instanter!

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I was percy windham. Barely posted though.


I recognise the name bro, welcome etc

Hoorah! Percy was on my list of transfer targets!

I’ve moved for Champions League posting. I can’t get that here, but the money is a lot better.


Hello Morris Chutney - Lawyer,

Sir is to be congratulated on choosing a username that looked like it was selected by someone that speaks English as a first language (in a manner of speaking, naturally). It was the specific combination of Morris and Chutney that led me to believe that you were not some spamming opportunist looking to offer us life-altering opportunities with alarming regularity.

Welcome onboard, skip.

Barely posted? Good! We need more naked posters.

Just to tide you over…