Battle of Orgreave Inquiry Ruled Out

So the govt don’t want to revisit what is probably one of the most callous / violent police actions against the working man

I think questions need to be asked and justice served against the establishment. I remember seeing how the police acted and was sickened


Shower of bastards.

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Shower of bastards.

The Govt, Police or Miners Barry?

The Government and Police, they’ve destroyed parts of North Notts and South Yorks for cheaper foreign coal and a politcal ideology, it failed, a enquiry will take place at some point, they know this but want more of the senior police and establishment to be dead when it does.


As will many of the miners

I think you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head though.

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Wouldn’t really disagree with any of that, Bazza, but I would make some further points. Thatcher was pretty sneaky. Her objective was to destroy the unions. She went for the industry that underpinned them instead, knowing that if it did not exist, the unions eventually wouldn’t hold sway over it either.

The Miner’s strike also saw cynical deployments of Southern coppers to sort Northern strikes when the local bobbies wouldn’t all play ball. In many respects, it also changed the nature of the relationship between the police and the public. The enemy was declared within. Once Thatcher had set the coppers loose once, the genie was forever out of the bottle.

Shameful that they’ve rejected this, but predictable. May’s government doesn’t have the swagger that Cameron’s does. It would not be as comfortable or secure about taking historical sin on the chin.


Many Northern scab coppers bought their houses from the strike Pap, Nottingham is known as scab city for the workers who continued to work and not bring their union in to the dispute, Thatcher did want this but in the long term it has fucked her legacy up and she will always be a cunt to many, I actually have respect for her even though she is a complete and utter cunt.

She was, Barry unless, after the day of the dead you know differently?

Not going to get in the way of a rant but surely the lack of economically extracting the natural resources required for the profession at hand has had something to do with it as well??

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Yeah, that was the excuse that the Conservative government put out to placate those concerned, but not directly affected.

If it was so expensive, then the last thing Thatcher should have done is pay the miners to overproduce in the months leading up to the strike.

From the outset, this was a cynical move to secure Thatcher’s own political power and permanently reduce the power of organised labour.


It backfired though as the argument put up was one of “it’s cheaper to import foreign coal from Germany and Poland”. Trouble is when the UK mining industry was in tatters, then the Poles and the Jerries put their prices up on UK imports. So that argument didn’t work very well, but as Pap says, it was more an attempt to dilute union power than provide cheaper coal.

However, this call for an Inquiry is a strange one whilst a Tory Govnt is in power. Why wasn’t it called for during Blair / Brown years of Labour Govnt (or have i missed something)? Surely there would have been more chance of success?


Because it turns out that Labour wasn’t actually the Labour Party at all in the Blair/Browns years just pc facists who hated the working man, at least Thatcher was honest in her hatred for the poor and vulnerable.


From the BBC website"

“…Home Secretary Amber Rudd told MPs a review into clashes between police and pickets during the 1984 miners’ strike was not in the public interest…”

I’m a member of the public and nobody bothered to ask me if I thought an inquiry wasn’t in the public interest? Was anyone else from the public asked?

Since when did the political classes decide that they know what’s good for the public…? Sorry, stupid question.



Careful everyone, knowing what a hot-bed of radical thought this site is, GCHQ will be monitoring our every word.

Keep an ear out for truncheon wielding rozzers’ on your doorstep coming to give you a beating - in the public interest of course.


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If that is indeed the case I would just like to point out that Bletch is our ringleader.

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I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a good beating off from a truncheon wielding copper…“Where’s your truncheon?”, “It does, doesn’t it?”


This is why we keep all the contentious stuff offline, to keep the counter-revolutionaries off guard.

Our most sensitive documents are heavily encoded. To read them, you must wait until the light hits them at a certain angle at a certain spot in the South Western Arms. For all Goat’s pre-arrest finger-pointing, he is one of the keepers of this sacred knowledge.

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Luncheon truncheon is actually in the Urban Dictonary.

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Sometimes sacrifices have to be made and as us goats usually get the pointy end of the sticky thing, I thought I’d volunteer matey in the slacks and flowery shirt.

Rest assured pap, I won’t be telling anyone about the secret corner and the antlers of joy.

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