Barry's back! feat. Jose Fonte's migraine-suffering chihuahua


Despite his alter ego suffering an embarrassing afternoon at London Stadium Sunday, Barry still pulls this off.


Oh, and from a post yesterday, you all missed my big ITK moment from the ordering a pint of beer thread

Dubai_Phil posted this yesterday

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If it didn’t feature Saints (and in a pretty flattering way at that) then I doubt we’d give a shit.

To be quite honest, the Pogba one was pretty cringe. They needed a hammer and crowbar to get that one in. Shit comedy tbh.

I’m sure the Dr Barry Gale advent calendar will be better quality humour.

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Not sure this needs it’s own thread, would have thought some clever, handsome poster would have put this on the ‘‘When I saw this I laughed or at least I smiled or at least I wasn’t bored thread’’.

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Good point gav’s rat.

However, if it wasn’t in its own thread, then it wouldn’t give stupid ugly people the chance to point out that it didn’t need a thread of its own.

Think of it as a care-in-the-community initiative, and considered yourself cared for.



That’s all I ask. I’m very delicate.


Sammy Saint, that fool, that charlatan! :lou_lol: