💷 Band Names For Sale


The Fucked Up Gaits (Hip Hop) - $3.12


Death to the EU (Europop) - €9.02


You’re on a roll aren’t you



What Happens in a Vacuum? (Folk pop) - £12.23


The Inedible Apples (hard core) - ¥9.99


Nope, Goat basically recreated the Fun With Word Thread - well he didn’t but I’m wilfully ignoring the rules (if there are any) to post word puns.


Novichok Brothers - Techno - Swap for a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume.


Mr. Vendetta and the Witnesses

Big R&B (in its earlier understanding) band with a fuck-off horn section, rather in the manner of the Blues Brothers.

One groat.


The Barristas

Coffee-shop, suit-wearing lawyers who’ve formed a band to play shit Coldplay* covers

One Guinea, or a Guinea fowl if that’s easier.

*Please forgive the tautology


Benjy Minett and the Yahoos

Disgusting band, revolting music

I’ll pay you to take the name away from me.


The Rugmunchers

Rag Time



The Corbynista’s

Inoffensive, easy listening. Ultimately not very popular. A bit like the Lighthouse Family.

Price: £300,000. No, wait, £80m. Actually, not sure. Best ask Dianne Abbott for the correct amount.


Fish in a barrel. Drum and Bass. £0.52 O.N.O.



Took me a while…sorry


Thought they were a Marillion spin off?