Baggies are very helpful to cover up the fact that you are wearing adult diapers thread

Baggies are very helpful to cover up the fact that you are wearing adult diapers thread


Sod it.

We are unbeaten since I bought my Pyjamas so why not?

11 players who wear the shirt now needed. Cannot play 4 CM’s and WBA are good enough to tear one in our diapers


Jack Yoshi Hoedt

Cedric Ryan

PEH Oriel

JWP Lemons



So obviously I picked 4 CM’s

Nothing but radical me,

I’m not wrong


That is one fucked up formation - what is it, 3-2-2-2-1? Or 5-2-3? 5-2-2-1? I’ve no idea…

I reckon good ol’fashioned 4-4-2 against WBA, dropping our goal scoring CB because I seem to like dropping people who score (we don’t need any of that funny stuff round here thanks)


SeeSaws Yosh Hoot Berty

JWP Hoj Lemon Boofle



I could make a case for dropping SeeSaws too.


Yeah but what ammunition do the moaners get if he was to go 4-4fooking-2 all of a sudden



Dear God,

Please, please, please don’t give Sturridge an excuse to do his shit dance.

Anything but that.



How on earth is Sturridge still only 28 :lou_surprised:


JW-P is still only 23!!


Time passes more slowly in the treatment room. He is actually 84.


Diapers fff! It’s nappies.


Yes I was thinking this. I was also thinking is there a more dignified name for these things than ‘adult nappies’?


Oh my goodness. After a shit day at work I come on here for a bit of RnR only to find that we’ve wandered back to the dark side of cryptic match threads. I was contemplating withdrawing my huffy resignation of yesterday but not now. We’ll be back to our losing ways as a result. Mark my words.

Looking forward to a decent away day trip though. I did smile to myself when I read the club site report about Gaby O’Dean being doubtful for Saturday … especially after his scintillating and dynamic contribution to last night’s game !

My head thinks this will be another turgid 1 all but I’m digging out the lucky pants in hope for a decent win.



Sorry gang but spent 2 days this week at Arab Health, a trade show for the medical industry.

I’ve seen things no mortal should ever witness but can confirm even the UK Pavillion of exhibitors called them Diapers

So Bollocks,

I’m not wrong


We all know how this one goes.

Daniel Sturridge puts us to the sword, perhaps even with an impressive Jay Rod cameo.

Afterwards the Argentinian Branfoot will say that we are in a ‘bad moment’ but he believes we are getting to somewhere near our best.

The Championship beckons.


Anyone else heard that the real reason we didn’t sign that quincy fella was that he wasn’t prepared to play centre mid?

I think we’ll pass the ball around nicely at the back up to and including one of our 6 central midfielders but struggle beyond that. If we by chance can get Jack Stephens firing we may go a goal up before taking off an attacker for another midfielder.

Ralph and Les will take to the pitch at full time banjos in hand for the first performance of their explanatory single “Its all down to Virgil”.

4-1 to the baggies.


I’m now convinced that if we ever get a penalty we’ll pass it back to Macca to be safe


On a more positve not. Cyrille Regis life is to be celebrated on Saturday.

WBA have asked any Saints fans going to raise their scarves in tribute to him. Sounds like a nice idea for any of you fortunate (or not) to be going!


Team I would play:-


Cedric Stephens Hoedt Bertrand

PEH Lemina

JWP Boufal Tadic



Another fan drops the must play 442 mantra :sunglasses:

Doubt he will start Carrillo after that Echo interview about him needing time to adapt to our (lack of) style & movement



It is a must win. But equally a mustn’t lose.

You are the boss.

Do you play both Boufal AND Tadic?



Where does Tadic play best, on the left? Play him there, Beefs through the middle as second striker and Carillo up front.

If Carillo makes no impact bring Schlong on as an impact sub to cahse the defence down in the last 20.

Easy this football manager job isn’t it :cool: