BAFTA TV awards


Micheal (as funny as a fishing hook caught in your Japs eye (no longer PC, but i’m feeling rebellious) and then forgetting you where chopping scotch bonnet chillis before trying to extract it…) McIntyre wins a fucking BAFTA?! Cunt!

I knew the world was fucked with Brexit and Trump… but this really show how fucked up things have become…

At least Phoebe Waller-Bridge won deserved one for Fleabag to restore some sense of justice.


I like him.




No a massive fan, but like a shed load of comedy, and a very varied range. All person taste I suppose. But Micky Flanagan in Manchester last Sunday was brilliant!

Anyways I digress!


Sim, I will pray for you.


Chutters my boy, I’m with you all the way re Michael McIntyre. I’d rather boil my own head in sewage than have to endure that cunt.


Praise the lord!

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I didn’t watch it but I hope Happy Valley won some award? Sarah Lancashire was stunningly good.


The bits I saw were crap, though if McIntyre represents the peak of creative quality it sounds like I missed the critical point where the whistling and spitting kettle of shit reached boiling point.


Just for you


:lou_surprised: They found 13 minutes?


Who was the host, she was tryng desperately hard to be funny and failing miserably.

Philomena Cunk didn’t win anything :lou_eyes_to_sky:

There was a “Must see moment” award, one of the nominations was for when Danny Dyer (who he) found out he was descended from Edward III, I mean WTAF :lou_facepalm_2:


She won best actress. How that twat Danny Dyer (Dire?) gets screen time is beyond me. Professional cockney at best, Geezer.


Micky Flanagan is a proper comedian. Love his stuff.

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BBC-hosted show gives lots of awards to the BBC…

It was as self-congratulatory as The Brits - with a backdrop that looked like a decomposing elephant corpse.


Yes, I wondered about the backdrop. Still dont know what it was supposed to be.

Highlight of the night for me was the dress that “Demelza” from Poldark was almost wearing!


Ant and fucking Dec win a BAFTA for hosting the grovel fest that was the Queen’s birthday party. Then dedicating the award to Her Maj. What a load of sycophantic bollocks. The late, and much missed Spike Milligan shows how it should be done.


Spike Milligan’s Finest Moment



Sue Perkins - half of Mel & Sue. She is good on Thronecast.

Danny Dyer is on Eastenders I believe. Or he was until he had a punch up with another member of the cast.