Away games 2015/16

Was wondering if any of you lovely lot are going to any ‘away’ games this season? I am planning on going to the below.



Man City

Man Utd



would be good to meet up with a few of you. I have loads of room at my place for the Sunderland overnight stop.

I also know someone who will be up for a night out in Merseyside!

If not I will have to get to a couple of home games on flybe and meet in that pub you all go on about!

Watford is my only definite so far, but I’ll be trying to visit as many of the Premier League stadiums (that I’ve not already done) as possible this season. Funds will be the most likely limiting factor… :money_mouth:

To date, of the 2015-16 PL lineup, I’ve done:

Arsenal, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Manchester City, Stoke City, Sunderland, West Ham United.

I.e. after Watford I’ll be about halfway done. Liverpool or Everton would be high up my list of priorities. Although after flying to Manchester for City last season I think I’d have to travel up the same way. So painless!

Just Swansea and Stoke to tick off the premier league list for me. It will only be 1 this season.