Avatars for Optimus Trousers and Rallyboy

Really don’t like the default avatar, looks like the mutant offspring of the masterchef logo and the grenada television logo.

Plus you get a few points for uploading an avatar and its good to be a points whore


How about after the dust has settled from the upcoming referendum ie Gay Abandon’s new moniker. Could we possibly ( with the appropriate parties grudging consent) organise a vote for some new Avatars? - Maybe make some money for the kids whilst we are at it? ( with the school holidays coming up Goats offspring are probably going to do something else daft).

I’d suggest

For Optimus

Still thinking about Rallyboy.


I’ve only held off because I know it annoys Pap.

Suggestions welcomed - and probably ignored!

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That’s as good a reason as any to keep it, tbh.


For the RaleighBoy, I’d suggest a famous footballer. One that has the highest shots at goal combined with the fewest defensive runs.

Perhaps the bastard child of Jermain Defoe and David Ginola (without the looks and with only half the work ethic).

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And you live in dread of the day I change the default avatar to something awful.


Something like this you mean :-


Get photoshopping peeps

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Has to be Ted MacD…lazy good for nothing goalscorer…

Optimus can just FUCK OFF…still won’t load within 15 minutes…zap him.

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The default avatar looks a bit like an impressionist Bletch head.

This kid is the ultimate Rally boy , love this photo


For Rallyboy – why not just use the icon you have already for his badge? Would look good.

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