At what age did your friends stop being fun?

Having reached the grand old age of 28 (29 in January), I’m finding that my friends are socialising less and less.

For context, most of my mates in Southampton hark back to my uni days. Barely a weekend would go by without some form of party or night out. Maybe every fortnight at a push, although even then there’d be the odd midweek event now and again. Also bear in mind that although many are now partnered off, only one couple has a child.

This year it’s dropped off a cliff though. In your lot’s experience, is this about the age you’d expect for social lives to tail?

[EDIT] Also, I’m not just talking about going out and getting smashed here. Any social activity would be nice. Or some games/movie nights in. Organising it just seems to be constant effort, with people bailing left, right and centre.

I’ve never really noticed it, but circumstances are behind much of that. My core group of friends is still mostly the people I went to Cantell with. Zooming up to Liverpool for Uni meant that the days of going out week to week were over anyway, and we always made an effort to see each other when it is geographically convenient, or go out of our way to see each other. If you make that much effort to start with, you know you’re going to have a good time.

That all said, I’d had enough of going out week to week in Liverpool by the ripe old age of 29.

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Things change but fun doesn’t have to stop, have just read the bottom bit about not getting samshed all the time and I now I can’t really comment.

Sorry ant, I’d love to reply but I haven’t got the time at the mo. I’ll call. Yeah? Promise. Love to Sonia!


I still go out with all your friends ant.


Ant, looking at your top 60 UK gamer trophy achievement list I’d speculate you be the one staying home too much?


Made me laugh (you prick! :lou_is_a_flirt:), but you really couldn’t be further from the truth. :laughing:


Guess which tosser’s going out again tonight?

This thread now looks almost as reactionary as the one on Stevesweb that compared Mané to Ali Dia. :lou_facepalm_2:


What are friends? What is fun?


As a general rule, I find the following useful, Ant. Feel free to use it for your own personal guidance:

20-30 go out and do drugs

30-40 stay in and do drugs

40-70 stop doing drugs (mostly)

70+ Banged up in a care home source some decent MDMA and have wild sex parties.


All of my friends became very boring when they started dating their future wives. As I didnt get hitched until I was 41 I had to find several new and younger people to hang around with. As they had lots of female friends that wasnt such a bad thing!

When I was five and had to leave them in the cupboard.

If you’re at a loose end sometime, maybe you should try ‘meetup’?, there are lots of different groups involving different activities such as cycling, walking etc, as well as going on the p***…you’re still young so you’d deffo find something more ‘lively’.