At least 2 NFL Games at Wembley 'til 2020

So it say here

Can be extended by a further 5 years. Jacksonville Shaguars to play a game every season as part of the deal

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Good news. As a season ticket holder the past two years that makes me very happy!

Looking forward to Sunday.

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Got to be better than the dross served up by the Fins and Jets, Chris Ivory and Ryan Fitzpatrick being the stand outs of that game.

Not sure about that to be honest, if EJ Manual plays ahead of Tyrod I can see an appalling game, bit if Tyrod plays we’ll see a Bills win and Bortles get intercepted a lot. Would like to see TJ Yeldon as well bit doubt we will due to injury.

Umm isn’t Tyrod being rested because he “used his arm too much” last week instead of stepping into the throw??

Ah, yes confirmed here

The game will be appalling then I reckon!