:pl: :astonvillafc: Aston Villa v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_logo: Box Office)

:astonvillafc: v :saintsfc:

KO moved to 12:00 on the 1st November 2020

  • :astonvillafc: 0-0 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 0-1 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 0-2 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 0-3 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 1-0 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 1-1 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 1-2 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 1-3 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 2-0 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 2-1 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 2-2 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 2-3 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 3-0 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 3-1 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 3-2 :saints:
  • :astonvillafc: 3-3 :saints:
  • Grealish jinks, Grealish turns, Grealish falls over, Romeu gets booked…Grealish jinks, Grealish turns, Grealish falls over, Romeu gets booked again, red card…Grealish jinks, Grealish turns, Grealish gracefully swan dive in the box, clutching his ankle and screaming in pain, penalty to Grealish…:astonvillafc: win.
  • It would be the most :saints: thing to do to lose this one after last week (:tm: @Barry-sanchez), :astonvillafc: to win
  • JW-P has Grealish in his pocket, :saints: to win
  • a draw of some sort

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Perhaps as a group we should get together and give ÂŁ14.95 to our local off licence for supplies for the game?
Boris will have U-turned by then so no pressure to donate to food banks…



Proper 6 pointer this :sunglasses: and for once, at the right end of the table :grin::+1:


You just had to go and say that FFS!


Bedwetter :rage::joy::joy:


This should be a good game of football, once again I fancy us and I think we could be set up for the counter, 0-2 Saints.


I’m liking this new streak of optimism Barry. :+1::+1:

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My opinions are based on what I see to be honest, we’re playing pragmatic football within ourselves, our fitness has improved and we’re not trying to be a footballing side per se but a hardworking pressing one forcing others into mistakes similar to 2015, play to your strengths.



Fuck that I’m still a twat.


That rhymes ha ha!

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@BTripz or @saintbletch

Baz should get a new badge for that :grin:


@Barry-Sanchez you have a new badge, use it wisely

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I’ll shove it up my arse and shit it out at a required time.


Poll added to the OP, have at it fellow and fellowess Sotonians

A Lawro said :-

The more I see of Southampton, the more I like them. They were excellent against Everton, and put in a really good team performance.
They dealt with everything and stopped Everton from playing but they also looked lively up front. Che Adams and Nathan Redmond are a handful, and then you have your man Danny Ings, who scores for fun but works so hard with it.

This should be a good game but Leeds’ intensity proved a bit too much for Aston Villa last time out, and I think Saints will edge it.

Lawro’s prediction: 1-2

DJ Target’s prediction: 2-2

Oh shit.


Your dilemma for tomorrow, Imola GP green light at 12:10 GMT


Phone to tv & laptop it is then