⚱ :engerland: 🇦🇺 Ashes 2019, 5th Test, The Oval

Australia have retained the Ashes, can England draw the Ashes series and continue their run of not losing a test series at home?

Will our batsmen learn to bat? Will we get Smith out for peanuts? Will Root resign as Captain at the end of the series?

Will barry admit he knows fuck all about cricket ?

I’ve forgotten more than you know about cricket son.

Lol. You started off by saying you were a shit player and didn’t really follow the game.

Now a distinctly average player indeed but where have I written I don’t follow the game?

I live 2 minutes from here, used to be a member (should rejoin but difficult with kids up there) which to be honest meant I drank and watched, had quite a few good parties there though, great bar.

Cant even remember what thread it was on and some of us are at work (not everyone has nazi gold to live off). I remember thinking at the time that I’m sure Barry’s lack of experience and interest wont stop him pretending to be Ricky Ponting within a few weeks.

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So you can’t find it as I didn’t write it, I know what I’ve written and I have never written that, I am a cool guy and not offended by your wank smear son.
I’ve forgotten more than you know about the game, how’s Moeen Ali by the way?

Not playing. How many wickets has stark taken boy?

4, his name is spelt Starc son.

Ok nipper. Like I said, at work so typing on phone and cant be arsed to check.

Like I said I’d check before I’d write if I were you, it’d help you in the long run.


Ok boss.

No worries, just concentrate and stay on point and you’ll be fine I’m sure.

Aigburth is a cracking little cricket ground. Been a couple of times, great friendly atmosphere and so close to the action. Good bar as well.

Oh I know all about the bar trust me ha ha! I used to watch many a game from the terrace half cut, great place to watch all standards of the game.

5th Test.

I will be there. On Saturday. In Hospitality. With 15 mates. Tough gig.


Squad may have remained unchanged but the team hasn’t :-