⚱ :engerland: 🇦🇺 Ashes 2019, 2nd Test, Lords


We’re iffing on the batting yet

I hope you can understand my confusion.

I’ll make this easy quite simply our batting is average to shit, the Aussies without Warner and Smith its shit, their bowling is comparable to better than ours so pitches and conditions apply to get any advantage.


And the Pointer Sisters would probably average more than most English cricketers this summer.

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This is exactly what I’m on about, this couldn’t exemplify my thoughts clearer. #Englishsportingjingoism #wethinkwe’rebetterthanweare.

Proof is required before making such statements, this is why we’re laughed at and laughed at a lot in sporting circles around the World.


“this is why we’re laughed at and laughed at a lot in sporting circles around the World.”
Are we? Are other nations holding their sides at our failure in the world cup? Are the Indians and Sri Lankans still pissing themselves about last year’s test results?

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At home and also not solely cricket.


Then your post, quelle surprise, makes no sense.


Fuck sake Baz, it’s not an article that says “we will win” it’s just pointing out the positives that we can take into the test.

Are we not allowed to point out Woakes’ form at Lords? are we not allowed to hope that Smith will have a failure? Are we not allowed to speculate on the impact that Archer may have (he may fail too).

Come on Baz, try it, try and find some (false) hope that England will actually get something from the 2nd Test.


Fuck that, this is like evangelicalism, I’ll stick to the I’ll believe it when I see it mantra.


Go on, just a smidgen of positivity, it might even turn your frown upside down :slight_smile:


But then bazza bingoism wouldn’t make any sense and he’d have to come up with another #moroniccatchphrase that was rejected as shite by The Fast Show.


Bazza can suck the life out of an Egyptian Mummy


Less chattin’ shit and more getting the job done.


and some “realism” for you Baz


As I was saying. He’s shot.


Delayed by the weather…


I think today is going rather well so far…


Well, we haven’t lost a wicket but conversely we haven’t scored a run either…