🛫 🍺 🍏 As I sit here in this airport lounge


And ponder the futility of life the question remains what’s better lager or cider? I’m on the lager the cider here is shit and my flight is delayed and it’s turning into a solo pissfest and I’m craving appples! What’s better a good lager or a proper well rounded bunch of apples?



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Where are you off to this time Bazza?


The fine overpriced place that is Dublin.


Go native with a drop of the black stuff. Call it pre-visit training.


Pure fucking shit that stuff and to wind an Irishman up its actually porter which is English and Arthur Guinness was a proud Orangeman unionist.
There ye go.


Probably best not to mention it when you are in Dublin then.


Horses for courses. Back in the days when I was allowed alcohol I liked both, but a good cider beats a poor lager hollow, and vice versa. If its a straight choice between a pissy lager and a pissy cider, the pissy lager is likely to be less offensive, especially if it’s reasonably chilled. Cheap crappy cider tastes awful.


Tbf. The only place that ever serves a good Guinness is Dublin.
The shit served in UK is made in UK

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Try the Nigerian stuff - well strong, over 7% abv. Idiot juice. But when in Rome… :woozy_face:

You can get it online.

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The stuff made in the NIgeria Brewery is good as long as its in the 250ml bottles at 7+ %


I never read your reply before mine but same same :slight_smile:

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The only thing to keep you sane in Port Harcourt and Lagos back in the day.

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Yep of the boat into the nearest pub in Port Harcourt all other expats drinking Carlsburg or Heineken at 5% me on smaller bottles of Guinness at 7+% very much Drunker

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That was a session on legendary proportions and I am not fucking exaggerating, pure on the rip, in proper Dublin and a little bit of a tourist do.

The best pubs were

  1. The Royal Oak
  2. Hacienda
  3. Some old bloke boozer in Inchicore

It was flowing from start to finish and its pouring out of me now, expensive but saw of bit of Ireland in Dublin which is rare.


The Hacienda- Spanish looking place? Poncy tourists shite imho.


No I don’t think so was pissed mind, that was the touristy bit mind, ran by an old bloke, celebs drop in and play pool and he has all the photo’s on the wall.

Have to knock on some random door, the place doesn’t have signs outside or anything.


Don’t be a killjoy, Cobs. Don’t become the thing you hate :wink:

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Are there any new international incidents the new PM needs to deal with, Barry?

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