:pl: :arsenalfc: Arsenal v Saints :saints:

:arsenalfc: v :saints:

  • :saints: are stuffed despite :arsenalfc: being rubbisher than they were under Wenger
  • :saints: confound the critics and actually play as if they know each other, :saints: by the odd goal
  • :saints: by 2+ goals, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  • :arsenalfc: turn up, Xhaka is back, they strut and stroll to a 2+ goal victory
  • :arsenalfc: are their usual inconsistent self and manage to scrap over the line by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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First match in an absolute age for Tyke and myself. We shall be making the trek to the smoke in blind optimism of a handsome Saints victory. Anybody likely to partake in beers ?

Stream anyone?


Goat’s stoned in Utrecht.

International week, mate.

You can go back to weighing her body down properly.


Oh dear.

I may have to stop drinking 11% beer.


That HAS to be worth a Badge of Shame surely?

I came too quickly?

(That’s a suggestion and not a confession, BTW)


There shoud be enough streams out there this week as its live on Astro sports in the South China Sea.

Good honest interview

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Can you summarise for those of us who don’t want to give the Mail revenue?

PS how’s the van?

Scrubbed a lot off the van needs painting though.
Romeu talks really well. How it went wrong, a blur. Coping with losing players, coming to terms knowing this is your level as a player/squad, never expecting top 10 but not expecting this, Iniesta at Barca.
Totally from the heart not a media training cliche in sight


I’ve just been offered tickets to this in the Arsenal end. As much as I’m normally a glutton for punishment, am I really going to do this to myself?

To paraphrase Nicholas Cage “Put the ticket back in the box…”

Ooooh I like this game, how about ‘‘It places the ticket in the basket… PUT FUCKING TICKET IN THE BASKET!’’

Poll added to the OP

Lawro’s a @saintbletch’s favourite word

Arsenal v Southampton

If you had told me at the start of this week that one of the big clubs would be sacking their manager, I probably would have said it would be Arsenal and Unai Emery.

I think Arsenal will win this game easily enough because of their firepower and the fact Southampton are in a mess - they have taken only one point from their past seven league games.

But I don’t think that victory on Saturday will mean Arsenal’s problems are over. They are still far too much of a soft touch at the back.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Sonny’s prediction: I’m going with the upset here. 0-1

We will lose this game either 2 or 3 nil. You can take that as fact

I am going with Sonny’s prediction.

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If we lose by 2 or 3-0 you will have my vote in the upcoming election, if the score is anything else I will abuse you forever on twitter as a lying tory scumbag and forever bring up this quote as my evidence.

Is there Soviet elections again?