Arse nal v Saints

Clearly you are all still comatosed from Claude’s press conference so I have taken the liberty of creating a matchday thread.

I’m personally looking forward to our first choice back 5 being fit and available. I think we’ll need another beast of a performance from Fraser in nets if we are to get a result.

I went to this fixture for the first three seasons we were back in the Prem… the first game we got spanked 6-1… the second game Boruc tried that horrific Cruyff turn and Giroud nicked it off him and we lost 2-0… the third game we held out until the 89th minute with 10 men after Alderweirspurs got injured… so last year I fucked it off and didn’t go. We got a point. You’re all extremely welcome!

You’ll be delighted to know that I am NOT going this year either so fingers crossed I am a bad omen at the Emirates and we will reign victorious… or at least get a point.



Was there for that nil nil last season. After a matchday drink up that started 6 hours before KO. :wink: Was also there for the 89th minute shocker when down to 10. But neither compares to that cup match when CLLYYNNNEEEE scored. It’s all worth it.

2-1 Saints. Maybe.


I’d snap you’re hand off for that score but sadly I’m not convinced! Fingers crossed Claude knows how to undo his mentor Mr Wenger and doesn’t just persist with this diamond business if it aint working.

Another game I struggled to focus on live! This was the game where we met Intiniki and Dexter too! Nice hand driers at Arsenal.

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Not got a great feeling about this one. First choice back five helps a lot though.

It will be either 1-1 or 1-2

The Malaysians have spoken and they cant stand Arsenal or Wenger either :laughing:

Appropos of nothing - I had a vivid dream last night that Tadic went on loan to Bournemouth on a minimum three season deal.

As you were.


It is Eid. 5 day weekend. Sunday is Arafat Day when The Haj Erin’s so a religious day meaning no alcohol is served in bars from 6pm Saturday until 19:30 Sunday. Local time in Kick Off.

And of course I have a Tour Pro golfer staying over, who is a gooner. Was gonna show Barasti at its finest but…

So now we have to go early watch the Manchester derby so we can get some beers in.

Should be some great banter no matter what the result.

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With or without an option to buy ?

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Appropos of nothing - I had a vivid dream last night that Tadic went on loan to Bournemouth on a minimum three season deal.

As you were.

With or without an option to buy ?

And did we get Jack wheelchair in return?

I’m afraid I woke up in a cold sweat, in a not-quite-sure-whether-it’s-true-or-not state of mind.

Although I’m pretty sure there was talk of Colin Clarke coming the other way

Will be watching the match with my brother-in-law who is an Arse supporter.

Don’t think we’ll do as well as we did last Boxing Day which was different class - but fingers crossed. Hope Shlong is on fire like last time.

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Game is Live on Astrosport 3 TV in Malaysia Kick of 22:00 local time

First live game not on a dodgy stream this season :lou_lol:

when we win you can all thank me for watching when I should be sleeping as 05:00 start on Sunday morning.

Working on Haj day?

Don’t they burn you at the stake for that in Malaysia?

Not when you’re 40 mins offshore by Helicopter :lou_lol:


At least Lawro has given us a 3-0 defeat which means we could actually win this one.


Oooo Colin Clarke, the first name and number I had on the back of a replica shirt. (Denmark kit) he used to get donuts thrown at him you know. One I seem to remember after he scored, he picked it up and took a bite!

Even more of a chance of us getting something today… I just put Arsenal on my accumulator!

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We’re all,doomed Captain Mainwaring, doooooomed!

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Taking one for the team Sfcsim

Well done