❄ Are you a woke bloke? (MoM approved)

Isn’t a Meta for Facebook?

because the literal-minded don’t understand metaphor, irony, comic exaggeration.

"And the result is, if you listen to them, these are people who are not, so far as understanding what human beings are saying and doing, they’re not playing with a full deck.

Sounds like he is describing twitter users, or any forum user for that matter

I’m outraged! I have a full deck, it just that the two Jokers are omitted. :rage:

This video qualifies under the new SSA©

(Scotty Screamer Amnesty)

…and is therefore guaranteed screamer-free.

Doctor Who has been on TV for 60 years.
I’ve probably seen most episodes.

In all those years i do not recall a Doctor ever even flirting apart from the non relationship with River Song.

So why in the new series, we have had trans and woke thrown at us and this week the Doctor flirts and snogs a fellow space traveller (who may identify as and be Male)

We get diversity think this is too much too quick in a kids TV show

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My mate in the US is a big Doctor Who fan. He used to watch the early Drs with his son. After watching a Jon Pertwee episode he asked what Jelly Babies were. I told him and said they were still available, so I sent him a box.
They arrived in Oklahoma mid-summer. He found them in his Post Box at the end of his drive, melted into one large gelatinous mass.
I sent him another box in the winter…they liked them. :rofl:

And the stuff with Captain Jack Harkness…

What’s going to be racist today, children?..

…oh, right. The newspapers printing a photo of Bukayo Saka after the Iceland defeat rather than a white player. That’s racist, that is.


On this one the media were bang out of order.
Saka played 25 minutes he was flattened in a foul and a random snapper got a photo of him.
It was very unflattering
The Sun, Star and others then followed up with some bang out or ordercheadlunes.
Black Ice? Seriously?
I saw that and thought it was disgusting, and clearly derogatory and especially going back to the Italy gamr.

Why did everyone of those papers only show Black Players.
Where was the photo of Kane missing a sitter or Ramsdale diving over the ball.

It was not woke it was nasty propaganda shit