❄ Are you a woke bloke? (MoM approved)

WAaaaaaaaah! You’re giving different opinion to me and I don’t like it, even though I started a thread about how having a different opinion is COOL.

Nah, I’m just wondering where @saintbletch goes next on Fox after invoking the ultimate sweary sanction.

Personally I’m hoping for new and exciting cuss words.


I own that t-shirt.

It’s so divisive. People’s reaction ito it is wonderful.

Interestingly, I got it from TeePublic but they no longer do it. Wonder if Tesco kicked up a fuss?

Do they do it in black?


Feeling totally excluded just because I don’t have a penis…


I don’t watch breakfast TV so I don’t have a fuckin’ clue what “woke” is, nor do I have any inclination to find out.
No don’t try to explain…LA LA LA LA LAAAAAH I CAN’T HEAR YOU!
At my age “woke” is the first positive thing that happens every day…long may it continue.


Which version do you have?

“Very little help” or “We gave them every little help”?

Very little help.

It’s a great talking point to start converting them to socialism.

Not too sure what Woke means. Looked it up and it seems to me that being “alert to injustices in society, especially racism” is just something decent people do. Therefore, does this need a term to validate it? Not really, but hey ho, that’s just what i think. But giving it a term in order to use it as either a proclamation of how great you are or to point out how shite others are for not thinking like you do, is moronic, but is very much a part of the times and social media is the perfect platform for being a massive cunt about it.

I tend to turn off when I see it mentioned on my brief excursions into twitter or facebook because of this. There are more important things to me to worry about.

IMHO in this instance, Meghan has been subjected to some pretty rum reporting by the tabs, but i think this is less to do with her particular heritage and more that she’s not British aristocracy. Think of what the backlash would have been if she was French!! I don’t have any problem with either the woman in the audience or what Laurence Fox said -both expressing opinions. Although i really don’t understand the true definition of white privilege so will have to do some swotting up on this term.

Aside from this, I do despise the way social media is now used by so many cunts as a tool to define people by the worst of what they perceive them to be, generally through the mob mentality. I doubt very much if Laurence Fox is a racist, but i don’t know the bloke (neither do any of you) so I can’t tell. I’m certainly not using a few comments on TV to make a decision, not that i fucking need to anyway. But threatening to shot him in the face and trying to get him professionally disadvantaged (both on twitter) is cuntish - again a sign of the times.


Keep on that. It’s infinitely better than your alienation and pariah strategy.

I don’t see how Fox did anything wrong. The discussion was about racism. He points out that Britain is the least racist country in the world, something I am inclined to agree with based on my anecdotal experience.

I’m still waiting for Fox’s detractors to tell me why what he said was wrong.

I’m not expecting an answer. I don’t think there is one. All we’ve had so far is criticism because of the vagina he fell out of, which is basically the same charge he was defending himself against.

Yes, yes. Retrospective character assassinations are very much the norm.

I wonder if that’s because no-one seems to have an answer as to why his comments on Question Time were wrong.

I’ve also yet to see anyone comment on what would have happened if he’d tried to shut her down by calling her a mixed-race plastic scouser.

Tell you what, let’s try a different tack. Do you think that Lisa Nandy is being racist here?

No. She wasn’t referring to his race. Fox’s questioner on QT explicitly did.

The two were making exactly the same point.

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Am I alone in having not the first fucking clue as to who Lawrence Fox is? :thinking: Or why people seem to give a flying fuck what he says?? :thinking::thinking: I’d literally never heard of him until reading this thread.


You are NOT alone although there aren’t many here that will be surprised I don’t know of him.


What’s annoying is that I’ll probably go against my instincts and look him up now that I’ve heard of him. :rage: :rage: