Are you a Psychopath?

Are you a Psychopath?


Was watching the Jon Ronson documentary about how most people in power, privately and publicly were pretty much high level psychopath’s. So here’s a test, I score pretty low though :slight_frown:


I scored 5 so am pleased to announce that I’m not a psychopath

I am a sociopath and narcissist though


I also scored depressingly low. :lou_sad:


Call me a psychopath if you like - why should I care what you worms think of me?


Well another test failed only 12


I only scored 6. Struggled a bit on the question about the tortoise on it’s back though, never seen a tortoise.


Ignore that, I was thinking of a different test I did today.






I got an eight.

Leaves more questions than answers.


So what’s the opposite of a Psychopath cos with a score of 1 it must be me


Wonder what Trump would get.

I got 5.

Oddly, some of the traits of a psychopath come close to mindfulness which I try to adhere to.

I’m annoyed now. I want to kill someone.


I got zero. Which is probably a very good thing considering my job.


On the flipchart element, I saw Image VI in the Rorschach inkblot test for compulsive pedantry - but I’ll say it looks like a tree if that helps.


As did I. But then any psychopath who didn’t want to be identified as such would simply pick the ‘not me’ option on each question. Just like I did.


And I thought we were being honest on here ?


Well that was fucking pointless piece of shit, it’s all your fault that I only scored 2, I hate you all…


I noticed this as well!


You noticed that I’m annoyed and want to kill someone?

Are you stalking me?

Since I woke up this morning I’ve gone from zen-like chilled-outedness to psychopath and now paranoid.

Thanks, Sotonians.

Thanks alot!


I managed 11 … gutted that @philippinesaint pipped me by a point


Just the 1. Not a difficult quiz to fix though.