Are we going to slip up in shite at Turd Moor?

Ok, nobody seems to want to take the blame for setting up the match thread for the weekend…

Well, I’ll do it as won’t be watching due to visiting Young Adult at Uni in Exeter.

Have no idea how we’ll do but have a look at the league table.

Anyway, I set my PC password to “Burnley Defence”. It said it was too weak

  • Lose
  • Draw
  • Win

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The reason Burnley are decent at home is because Sean Dyche accosts each away team member and says in his raspy voice, “if you play well I’ll fucking eat you”.

And they believe him.


Noooooo, Cobs what have you done ? I was sat sitting waiting for Pyjama Phil from Dubaishire to start it off with suitable wit and repartee. If we go down now it will be on your shoulders. We limp on. COYR


Phil has other worries so it was up to me to lighten the load CD

Anyway, wanted to post the joke at the end. Worth a point just there. You never know, maybe even three :blush:

And come on “Shite Moor” was truly original. What do you mean, it isn’t


Just seen that Bobby Madley is the ref for the Burnley match. What could possibly go wrong .

Burnley haven’t won in 10 Premier League matches, guess what’s going to happen ladies and gentlemen…

Yep that’s right, we’re going to get humped worse than @bearsy at 03:00 in the morning.

1-0 to the Clarets.

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Just woke up from a mid morning nap (yes, things are that exciting in Oz) to shite weather and shite mail.

If that means I take one for the team and slip up in shite, maybe that’s the trifecta and we will win at Turd Moor? Might just ask the wife to do it on the job as an aged care worker before the match then I don’t have to. She’s a gem like that.

The real question is, will MaPe serve up shite in his team selection?

Maybe that’s the trifecta?

We will win 1-0.

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We wil win 0-1

As we are away from home @fatso


I would be Amazed if we don’t draw this game srs.

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I agree Bear. I think it’s all set up for us to score relatively early, shit ourselves in the second half, get deeper and deeper until we have all our players in the six yard box, and then concede in the final five minutes. It’s the circle of life.


Burnley are badly out of form, Saints score early on, then Burnley equalise late in the match to plunge Saintsweb into a frenzy


I’m going to this. I’m gonna get fucked up and may expose myself.

I’d take a draw.


Go for it mate

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Will it be exposure of the front or the back? I’m not bothered about the back but if you’re doing the front then let me know.


Dear Cobham


That is all

Front. Nothing too exhibitionist. Just a sly cock drop or something.


I shall take my usual relaxed, flegmatic approach to this as as I have with other recent butt-clenchers.

…aided of course by the relaxing sound of surf breaking on a tropical beach somewhere in Barbados.

Back in 2 weeks…Love LITSL. kissey kissey. :lou_lol:


Lawro has gone for the obligatory 2-1 defeat whilst his competition this week have gone for a 4-6 goal fest do who knows what will happen?

This will not be good.

Eric has called the krew together at his place for Mrs EoA’s birthday AND one of our krews’ engagement party at about 10am your time

There will be Chilli con Carne & Margaritas.

Hope the team can cope with the windy conditions later

All of this about 8 hours after most of us leave various Friday Brunch/Tennis/Gig VIP/FREE BOOZE venues.

We are so screwed.