Are friends electric?


Would you (or do you already own, perhaps?) a Tesla car. We stopped off at a services on the motorway at the weekend to be astonished by a bank of Tesla charging points, lined up close to the entrance to the services.

We toyed with the idea of a Tesla and had a good nose around one of their showrooms when we were in Seattle last year, but they are extremely expensive. Now, it seems, they are going to release a model priced at circa £25k - which would be very affordable.

So, are you tempted?


Oh, and of course, given my age, the first thing that pops into my head when I think of Tesla is this:


my mate has got one of the top of range type Tesla cos he is It is bit mental. He reckons it can drive It’s Self. I was like, yeah sure it can lols, but then he pressed button, and it started up and drove across the car park to Pick Him Up. It was bit freaky. Then he engaged the auto drive thing while we was driving somewhere and it was quite impressive, but then it drove straight across a cross roads without stopping and he was like Yeah, that Can Happen if the Road Markings ain’t V.Good. So I wouldn’t trust it srs.

The other thing to watch, is if you run out of battery ur fucked. It engages the handbrake and just leaves you parked on the middle lane of the M6 and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to wait for a recovery wagon with a crane and that lifts you on he back and takes you to a charging point. That happened to my mate too srs RIP.

Edit: Other info from practical point of view, if you charge at Tesla charge point it takes 30 mins, but if you charge at i.e. Home it takes i.e. 12 hours


Froms the horse’s (or should that be bear’s?) mouth, so to speak.


No one should belittle a Gary Numan classic for a cheap thread title, nor anything OMD come to that.