April matches selected for TV


The TV company’s putting our stars in the shop window for the big six to cherry pick?

Or am I being to cynical?

Or, how about, we played so well in the EFL final that they reckon we’ll be a big draw for the neutrals if we play as well in the league?


Actually - Yes.

Been quite shocked at how many people down here have said

“What a brilliant game”

“My God you lot played so well”

“That was actually embarrassing you made us look like a Championship Team playing hoofball” - A Manc fan

We did make a lot of neutrals sit up and take notice that we actually play football rather well, and of course equally due to what must be contractual obligations, FF must start every game and so teams are bound to score against us if they can kick the ball towards our goal.


I was enjoying reading that, up to the highlighted bit. Have we now been handicapped for embarrassing the rich team.

Have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of people that have said how good we were.


Don’t worry, Hassan in goal from this Saturday, you heard it here first!!!


I make you right as FF looked more fucked than normal and needs resting.